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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Rossi: 5 Times More Americans Killed by Drug Overdoses Than Guns



DrugBy Randy Rossi - 

The U.S. Government just released horrific data that proves that illegal drugs caused at least 5 times more deaths than guns did last year. We now know that over 100,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2021. Most of those deaths are caused by illegal opioids (especially fentanyl) made in China and illegally shipped across our southern border. Compare that to the number of Americans that have been killed by guns. The last FBI homicide by weapon report (2019) showed that 10,258 Americans were murdered by guns of all types. That is roughly 10% of the deaths caused by illegal drugs. A new report from 2021 says that 19,384 Americans were killed by guns which would not surprise me given how far our culture has fallen as socialist Dems push to defund the police and to not arrest or prosecute criminals. If that number is correct, illegal drugs from China shipped across our southern border still kill more than 5 times more Americans than guns do. Now compare the “Fake News” coverage of these two issues. Compare how much time socialist Dems and the “Fake News” scream about guns vs. how much time they spend condemning lethal drugs made in China illegally shipped across our southern border that killed 100,000 Americans!

Shouldn’t Americans have the right to know this? Shouldn’t they know that at least 5 times more Americans have been killed by illegal drugs than guns? What should we focus our attention on? On top of those horrible statistics, last week the U.S. Government released a bipartisan report stating America has spent over $1 trillion on fighting drug overdoses last year which killed over 100,000 Americans. And that report confirmed that the vast majority of overdoses involved illegal opioids (especially fentanyl) made in China and illegally shipped across our southern border. So 100,000 Americans were killed by illegal drugs last year and we spent more than $1 trillion fighting this but the “Fake News” and Democrats focus their attention on guns. And by the way, the vast majority of legal gun owners never kill anybody with their guns. A new Rasmussen report shows that the average American understands reality. In that report, 63% of Americans said that the government should spend more time enforcing our existing gun laws and that we don’t need any more new gun laws. That is exactly right. If we arrested, prosecuted, and convicted criminals that broke our existing gun laws and sent them to prison; gun crimes would drop dramatically. It isn’t “rocket science”! And then we should aggressively protect our southern border to protect Americans from the massive influx of lethal illegal drugs made in China that killed over 100,000 Americans last year. We don’t need new laws, we need to enforce our existing laws and punish bad behavior. As I learned in my criminology courses in college, “If you punish bad behavior you get less of it. If you reward bad behavior you get more of it!”. It’s not complicated folks!


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  1. There it is: Make GUNS illegal, but let DRUG RUNNERS in.
    Why guns?
    Because you can shoot a criminal with a gun, but it’s a lot harder to shoot a criminal with a hypodermic needle because you have to catch him first.
    And that criminal may want to vote “Democrat.”