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Rossi: Proof of the Massive Damage Caused By the “Fake News”




By Randy Rossi - 

We now have even more proof of how destructive the “Fake News” has been to America by hiding and/or distorting the truth from Americans so that they can’t make informed decisions on critical issues. In late January Johns Hopkins University released an incredible scientific study that proves that the horrific Covid economic and school shutdowns which caused massive damage to our economy and all of our children were totally useless and ineffective. In that incredibly extensive scientific study from multiple sources, Johns Hopkins concluded that those massive Covid shutdowns only reduced the Covid mortality rate by 0.2%!! So we caused massive pain and damage to close to 100% of all adult Americans by shutting down our economy and massive academic, social, and psychological damage to all our children that will last their lifetimes by shutting down our schools which we now know had virtually no scientific justification. Yet this critical information has not been mentioned once on CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, WaPo, CBS, NBC, ABC, and other liberal “Fake News” sources  as of Friday 2/4/2022. On the other hand, Fox News and many conservative news sources have been covering that news extensively for a week.

Johns Hopkins summarized the results of their study by saying that those ineffective shutdowns had “devastating” effects on our society for no rational reason. Don’t you think that all Americans should have a right to know this? Sadly, this is not shocking news to those of us that read and watch the “Real News”. Well over a year ago, The Great Barrington Declaration now signed by 15,707 medical and public health scientists and 46,412 medical practitioners told us that we should not shut down our economy nor our schools and instead should focus on protecting older people in bad health but that was not covered in the “Fake News” either. Anybody who did their civic responsibility to stay informed knew that Sweden which did not shut down their economy or schools and instead focused on protecting older people had 50% less Covid deaths than Michigan which did shut down everything even though they have exactly the same population of 10 million people. Not one child in Sweden under 18 out of 1.8 million died from Covid. Even our own CDC says that only about 700 American kids out of 75 million have died with Covid and John Hopkins proved that every one of them that died had serious health issues like cancer of leukemia. Therefore, not one healthy child under 18 died from Covid in America yet we caused massive damage to 100% of American kids by shutting down our schools.

This tragedy should prove to all Americans that the “Fake News” is an enemy of the people that is causing massive damage to our country. The “Fake News” is a propaganda machine for the socialist Democrats who are using it to misinform Americans as they attack our great country, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our traditional values, and the futures of our children. Folks, it is time to turn off the “Fake News”!


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