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Thorner: Freedom Truckers to come through Illinois March 5


By Nancy Thorner - 
It was in August of last year when Kristi Hickam, conversed in her back yard with two of her friends, Jamie Cavaness and Ben Roberts, about what they might do about the bleak political situation, specifically about preserving freedom.  Together, they reached the conclusion that freedom is something everyone should play a part in promoting and be willing to fight for, as we presently are witnessing with our neighbor to the north in Canada.
Following the backyard meeting, Ben made a flyer detailing a visit to the Governor's Mansion in Springfield to attend a freedom rally.  To Kristi's surprise, twelve people showed up and, as related by Kristi, “Four of them were sent to us by God. They are everything we needed to help continue this fight, and more!" 

Having experienced success, the group administrators, Kristi, Jamie, Robin Martin and Glenda Garrett, created a Facebook page to promote future protests in Springfield, called "ILLINOIS FREEDOM FIGHTERS."  Thus, from a group whose origin included just two of Kristi's friends in her backyard, the Facebook page generated over 2000 supporters.
As for Kristi, she had never before been involved in political activism of any sort, which should serve as an inspiration to others who are hesitant to speak out and let their voices be heard.  Everyone has certain talents.  Not everyone can write or articulate clearly, but, like Kristi, she found her niche of organizing and is making the most of it.
Kristi's group joins "Midwest Freedom Convoy to D.C."
Kristi's group, ILLINOIS FREEDOM FIGHTERS, joined forces with the Midwest Freedom Convoy to D.C., a convoy of semi-truckers making their way across America to reject mandates and promote freedom – similar to the one now going on in Canada. The convoy will come through Illinois on March 5, 2022.
Chris Merrill is the volunteer Illinois leader of the Midwest Freedom Convoy to DC. 
Midwest Freedom Convoy:  First Illinois stop
The first Illinois stop on March 5th will be at 12:30 p.m. at Oglesby, IL.  Decorated cars in support of the convoy are welcomed to participate. 
Mr. Merrill, however, who himself will be driving his own semi all the way to Washington, D.C., cautioned that despite the festive sounding atmosphere in the call for decorated cars to join the convoy either all the way to Washington, D.C. or for a much shorter distance, there is the possibility that some resistance will be met along the way. It might therefore be unwise to have small children in tow.
Supplies listed below can be brought to Oglesby for delivery at the second IL stop, Oakwood, IL.
Dry Goods
Non-perishable food
High Energy Food Items
Peanut Butter/Jelly'
Trail Mix/Nuts
Granola Bars/Fruit Bars
Canned Food
Gear/Special Items
Warm Clothes
Baby Wipes
Charcoal/Lighter Fluid
Trash Bags
Pet Food
Plastic Utensils
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Kitty Litter/Salt
Large Tarps
Hard Hats
Reflections Vests
Safety Orange Cones
First Aid Supplies/Kit
Thick Gloves
Batteries – All Sizes
Knee Pads
Roadside Glow Stick
Jumper Cables
Fire Extinguishers
Fuel and Gift Cards are also welcome
Second Illinois stop, Oakwood, IL
After about an hour's stay in Oglesby, IL, the convoy will proceed to Oakwood, IL.  The anticipated arrival time at Oakwood is 4:00 p.m.  Oakwood is where the truckers will be fed. There will also be time to interact with the truckers before the convoy moves on to its next location.
According to Mr. Merrill, there could be up to 700 truckers at the Oakwood, IL stop, all part of the Midwest Freedom Convoy, before continuing their journey to Washington, D.C.  Along the way other groups will join in. Truckers assembled in Oakwood, IL will hail from IL, WI, MN, Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska, Montana, and both of the Dakotas.
Kristi's dream
Kristi hopes the Oakwood, IL stop will draw more people than any other stop along the Midwest Freedom Convoy’s route to Washington, D.C. 
Said Kristi, “That is our dream.”  
Kristi informed me that 2,500 hot dogs and buns have been donated to feed the truckers, as well as other food items from individuals who heard of the need and responded out of kindness and solidarity with the truckers.  
As one of strong religious conviction, Kristi has asked God to watch over the caravan and to see that the needs of the truckers are provided.
Following is a portion of a prayer Kristi wrote that ties in with the Midwest Freedom Convoy:
Today is an awesome day. Today’s a day we stand up for the rights and freedoms you have affirmed in us.
Jesus was the true definition of a radical, a rebel like none other. He was different in that he was loving instead vengeful, humble instead of ego driven. In fact, he was all of those things at the greatest expense to himself. He remained caring and compassionate, selfless and sacrificial and maintained it all through unmovable righteousness and in the deepest of principle.
So, we call on you Lord to lead our fight. And through this fight we ask you to lend us your love, your righteousness and your principle.
We don’t expect this fight to be easy, as it was not easy for you. Instead we ask for your strength and perseverance to endure the trials that are to come.
Let us stand together today as one body working in your spirit. As we go forth in battle, give us the fortitude to have trust and Faith in your promises.
How to contribute to the truckers 
The giving link:  American Truckers Freedom
As Mr. Merrill informed me, Midwest Freedom Convoy DC will not be doing any GoFundme or GiveSendGo type of accounts, as governments are freezing and locking down those accounts.
The link provided above is backed by some very strong people and organizations including legal, making it difficult to shut down.  
Convoy registration
To register for the convoy, check out this link: https://www.greatamericanpatriotproject.org/atfc/begin 
Registrations are available for the following:
Trucker/CDL Holder
  • This registration option is for truckers looking to participate in the convoy.
Convoy Registration (Non-Trucker)
  • This registration option is for non-trucker attendees who wish to participate in the convoy.
Convoy Participant Applying for Financial Assistance (Trucker/CDL Holders Only)
  • This field is for truckers (CDL Holders) looking to participate in a convoy that are applying for travel assistance. Note: This option requires more detailed information to facilitate proper vetting.
  • This option is for those interested in volunteering to support a convoy in their area/region.
More to come about the specific locations where the events at Oglesby and Oakwood, Illinois will be held on March 5, 2022, along with other pertinent rally details that come available.


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  1. We have been blessed for decades as being a free nation. It is bold people like Kristi who is a mom and concerned citizen who cares about protecting everyone’s freedom. If a government no longer promotes good, then at some point we must draw the line. It is up to each and every one of us who cherish freedom to get involved hold our government accountable.
    “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” ~Dietrich Bonheoffer

  2. Just heard Bongino interview with Maureen Steel and these dates do not line up with the convoy that is starting in California. see thepeoplesconvoy.org where convoy will be going through illinois on March 1st. Can someone please clear this up for me, thank you.

  3. Erik, There are different convoys, Some in the Midwest Obviously are NOT gonna go to California FIRST. Point is, They are ALL MEETING UP IN DC at different times and different dates, all for the same Purpose and Mission.