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Amendment 1 would cement strikes as go-to weapon for CTU




The Chicago Teachers Union has gone on strike five times and walked out on students at least three other times since it got the right to strike in 1984. Gaining greater power through Amendment 1 would embolden militant union tactics.

Teachers’ unions in Illinois have readily used strikes and strike threats since they were granted the weapon in 1984. The Chicago Teachers Union has been quick to use work stoppages to get their way, despite the impact of taking 49 days of instruction away from students.

But the tactic has limits, and government union bosses are asking for a change to the Illinois Constitution that would essentially remove curbs, expand the right to strike and make it near impossible to ever limit strike powers. Unions are pushing Amendment 1 at the ballot box Nov. 8, and it would give parents even less say about CTU or other teachers unions walking out on students.



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