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Democrat Governor’s media buy shows they’re worried about losing Illinois in November



CHICAGO – If polling showed JB Pritzker taking a walk in the park to re-election next November, it's unlikely the Democratic Governor's Association would be doing a media buy to meddle in the IL GOP gubernatorial race. But that's exactly what they're doing according to @MediumBuying's report. 

They'll likely be spending some of the $3 M Pritzker donated to the DGA.

Watch for anti-Republican candidates ads on Fox News and Turner Broadcasting starting Thursday: 

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 3.28.27 PM

The Illinois Republican Party put out the following statement in reply: 

“The DGA and the Pritzker campaign, like everyone else that does polling, is watching in real time as Governor JB Pritzker’s re-election chances plummet under the considerable weight of his own failures and extreme agenda. The Pritzker campaign is desperate and has hatched a plan to launder Pritzker’s inherited wealth through the DGA to begin running ads to interfere in the nomination of our Republican nominee. 

"It’s up to every person in Illinois, including the media, to call out this charade for what it is – a desperate plan from a desperate man with a lot of money. 

"DGA, let Republicans pick our own nominee. Too scared to play fair?”


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  1. A lot of people mad on the south side of Chicago with Daley and Madigan indicted plus then Daley replaced by an Asian. Bridgeport lost power to Chinatown. Their people will not be coming out to volunteer help Pritzker.

  2. So where are the polls that show Pritzker is in trouble? Cook Political Report rates Illinois a safe Democratic state. You guys are wrong. Pritzker is going to win. Republicans thought Dick Durbin would lose. Republicans thought McCain and Romney would beat Obama. Republicans never know anything. Never listen to Republicans make predictions. They can’t even make predictions about their own primaries. They laughed at Trump and then Trump whooped all their boys and Carly too!

  3. Here is a Democrat source (Politico) talking about how an internal Democrat poll shows Pritzker in trouble:
    https://www.politico.com/newsletters/illinois-playbook/2022/03/22/trying-to-shut-the-door-on-supply-chain-problem-00019154#new_tab This ad is a sign the Dems want to do what Claire McCaskill did in 2012 by attacking Todd Akin before the primary—trying to make easiest to beat Irvin a martyr.
    The Democrat and the Republican Establishment fear Darren Bailey one on one with Pritzker, which is why they’ve tried every gimmick and candidate to stop him.