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IL Congressional candidates respond to Biden’s State of the Union address



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Two Republican Congressional candidates sent out these responses to President Joe Biden's first State of the Union address Tuesday night – Esther Joy King in Illinois' 17th CD and James Marter in Illinois' 14th CD: 

“First, I appreciated the strong support the President and Congress showed for Ukraine at the beginning of tonight’s State of the Union address. However, this must be followed by strong action in the best interest of American national security," GOP candidate Esther Joy King said after the speech in a statement.

“President Biden also mentioned several ‘America First’ policies championed by Republicans tonight — securing the border, funding the police, and the importance of making products in America — because they know these policies resonate with the American people. When elected, I will do everything I can to work with the President on solving these issues to put America first, but there cannot just be rhetoric from the other side. We need action, we need a plan that both sides can get behind.”

King's 17th CD is an open seat in the November 2022 General Election. Cook Political Report lists the district as a "Democratic Toss-Up" district.

James Marter, a GOP primary Congressional Candidate in Illinois 14, said, "President Biden failed to acknowledge the real problems we’re facing in our country. His speech was out of touch with the results of his own failed policies. In Illinois, we have felt these challenges directly, at the gas pumps, in grocery stores and in our bank accounts. The President lectured us on the importance of border security, when his administration allowed over two million illegal border crossings. He wants us to buy American goods, except when it comes to energy independence. Much of what the President had to say, rings hollow with the everyday Americans I’m meeting on the campaign trail.

"I am for parents and students, for safe streets and secure borders. I am for freedom. I'm stepping up to bring leadership to Congress this year. As Americans we all need to stand up and not only pray for our leaders, but encourage them to make the right choices when it comes to policy. I look forward to doing my part to restore principled American leadership for a more free and prosperous America," said Marter.

Marter's 14th CD is leans Democratic, with Lauren Underwood the Democratic incumbent. Marter is expected to have primary challenges in the June 28th 2022 election.


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  1. Underwood is worthless, can probably be defeated.
    I have a few Democrats in my neighborhood. I don’t speak to them anymore.
    Socialists, Communists, Democrats:
    All in the same bucket now, in my opinion.