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Rossi: America’s Honor, Dignity, & World Peace Are At Stake Over Ukraine



By Randy Rossi –

I wonder how many Americans know that America, Britain, and Russia made a pledge to Ukraine in 1994 to defend and protect them if they gave up their nuclear arsenal? That agreement was called the Budapest Memorandum and the picture below shows US President Clinton, Russian President Boris Yeltsin, and President Kravchuk of Ukraine shaking hands on the deal. Because of that promise, Ukraine did in fact give up its 4,000 nuclear weapons. Of course Russia has broken that promise and has already invaded Ukraine twice including their invasion and conquest of Crimea and now their attack on Eastern Ukraine. Sadly, President Obama broke America’s promise to defend Ukraine and did nothing when Russia took Crimea. In fact, the whole world did nothing including Britain. Now Russia is invading Ukraine again. Thankfully, the US and Britain are providing Ukraine some military aid and putting moderate financial pressure on Russia.

Why should Americans care? First, because our honor and dignity are at stake. If we don’t keep our promise to Ukraine, countries like Japan and South Korea will have to build their own nuclear arsenals instead of relying on America and that makes the world more dangerous. Why would anybody ever trust America again? On top of that, Vladimir Putin just publicly announced that his ultimate goal is to rebuild the former USSR. If the world doesn’t stop Putin at Ukraine, he will then attack members of NATO to accomplish that goal which will launch WWIII. Third, China is watching and if the “Free World” does not stop Russia, China will absolutely invade Taiwan and possibly Japan to control Asia. That will also lead to WWIII which would result in the deaths of millions and millions of people and destroy the global economy.

President Bill Clinton, Russian President Boris Yeltsin and Ukrainian counterpart Leonid M. Kravchuk join hands after signing the nuclear disarmament agreement in the Kremlin, Jan. 14, 1994. Photo: Diana Walker/Getty Images

There is some potential good news if the free world has any common sense and courage. Incredibly, much of  Europe, especially Germany, has destroyed their own energy independence over global warming hysteria making themselves dependent on their enemy of freedom, Russia for roughly 50% of the natural gas and oil that runs their countries. They are dependent on Russia and Russia is dependent on their money since the only things Russia makes is vodka, gas, and oil and their whole economy is about the size of Florida’s! America could end this battle without firing a shot by reestablishing our energy independence and opening up our massive oil and gas production and selling Europe our oil and gas which would bankrupt Russia, free Europe, and make America even richer!! My fellow Americans, as we watch gas prices go through the roof and the world is at the edge of a global war, how could any rational person disagree with that strategy? So here is the deal, it is time for Americans to stand up for protecting America’s honor and dignity by keeping our promise to Ukraine and demand that our politicians open up the America energy independence “gold mine” to free America, make America even more prosperous, and to free Europe from Russia!


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