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Rossi: Our Founding Fathers Would Be Very Proud of Zelensky and His Very Brave Ukrainians




By Randy Rossi –

Much of the world is in absolute awe of the brave Ukrainian people and their incredibly brave leader, President Zelensky who is the Winston Churchill of our time. President Zelensky and the brave Ukrainian people remind me of our Founding Fathers who bravely risked  their lives to take on and defeat Britain  the strongest military in the world in order to obtain their freedom. No doubt our Founding Fathers would be very proud of President Zelensky and his brave people who are also risking their lives for their freedom. When barbaric Russia invaded Ukraine, no doubt Vladimir Putin and much of the world thought that Ukraine would fall in just hours, not days because of Russia’s massive military might. No doubt Putin thought that Zelensky and the Ukrainian people would immediately surrender their freedom out of fear. And then the world and Putin watched an incredibly brave nation stand strong and inflict massive damage to Russia’s 190,000 soldiers and their jets, tanks, and helicopters. The Ukrainian people stalled Russia’s massive military and stopped a 40 mile long Russian tank and truck caravan in its tracks. Sadly, out of desperation the barbaric Russians are now resorting to blowing up the businesses, homes, and schools of the Ukrainian civilians; not the Ukrainian military. This is a massive and horrible war crime by the Russians yet Ukraine and Zelensky are standing strong.

Even though President Zelensky knew he was target #1 for assassination by the Russians, he refused to run and hide and instead publicly risked his life and stayed with his troops in the capitol of Ukraine. Russia sent three assassination teams to kill him but the Ukrainians found them all and killed them. Knowing that his life was in great danger, America offered to pick him up and take him to safety out of Ukraine. President Zelensky responded with one of the best quotes in history when he told the Americans “I don’t need a ride, I need more ammunition”. It reminds me of what my ancestor Robert Morris said who was a Founding Father that signed the Declaration of Independence and Constitution when George Washington asked him if the risks that they took in the Revolution were worth it. Great, Great Grandpa Robert Morris said “I would rather die like a lion than live like a lamb”. In my opinion, our Founding Fathers are looking down from Heaven and they are very proud of the courage of President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people and consider them heroes fighting for freedom just like they did to create the USA which is the best nation in the history of the world. We do indeed need to send them more ammo!!


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