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The Identity Cult




On the mass conversion of our institutions. Martin Gurri writes:

Linking to a Sesame Street celebration of “Latinx culture,” Antonio García Martínez, sharpest wit on Twitter, wrote last fall: “One of the great mysteries is how every elite institution, from universities to corporations to media to even Sesame Street, all spontaneously coalesced on the same narrow set of values all of a sudden.”

The set of values in question belongs to the cult of identity—a ramshackle creed that maintains, for example, that the term “Latinx” signifies an actual human group. Once the province of pretentious professors and their captive students, the cult has leaked out of the cannabis-scented halls of academia to infect an astonishing number of people in power. García Martínez is right. In the scope and rapidity of institutional embrace, nothing like it has transpired since the conversion of Constantine.

The National Archives in Washington, D.C., today places warning labels on the Constitution, because reading it may induce unpleasant sensations in some identity groups. Universities like Princeton now publish “antiracist toolkits” to instruct the faithful on how to “move beyond diversity” and into identity heaven. Nike, which makes sneakers, demands of its customers: “Don’t pretend there’s not a problem with America. Don’t turn your back on racism.” The Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins, two time-honored sports franchises, for their identity sins have had their names stripped away. I could extend the list unto boredom—it would range from prestigious media institutions like the New York Times to local bodies like the San Francisco school board.

[Martin Gurri, "The Identity Cult," City Journal, March]


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  1. “…the cannabis-scented halls of academia..”
    I LOVE IT!
    Even funnier is “…prestigious media institutions like the New York Times…” which quit being a REAL newspaper and became a leftist propaganda arm sometime in the early 1930s.

  2. I don’t think many Americans realize the extent Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF) plays in promoting wokeness within our nations schools, corporations and governing bodies. Many leaders like Justin Trudeau have been students in the WEF Young Global Leaders Program. Klaus Schwab has young influencers planted in many levels of our nations economic and governing bodies. I suggest people go to the World Economic Forum ( aka Davos) and get familiar with where Schwab plans on taking the world. His influence is vast. If you wonder why there’s so much talk of transgenderism in today’s news and schools, it’s to prepare the general public for his and Bill Gates goals of transhumans. It’s called conditioning. Why aren’t more people more curious about what’s in these COVID vaccines? To attain the transhuman model, first an operating system must be installed in our bodies. Even Dr Malone has attested to some of the creepy aspirations the WEF has for humankind. Plus there’s patents in place for many of these trans-human technologies. Schwab’s wants all humans to have a digital identity by 2025. It’s part of the move to replacing our current financial system with a fed based cryptocurrency known as CBDC. Once cash has been replaced with a cryptocurrency ran by the central banks, we will all lose our freedoms as anybody who strays from the official narratives will have their cryptocurrency account shut off. Trudeau showed us a taste of what it will be like when he shut down the truckers bank accounts during their peaceful protest of these COVID mandates. The great reset is real. Schwab even wrote a book about it and how the COVID lockdowns helped move the planet closer to his vision of the future. Schwab plays a huge role in setting future world policies. Did you see his name on your ballot when you last voted?

  3. Everything the modern Disney organization touches, it corrupts.
    Even Sesame Street, and ABC-TV.
    Every show has to have a sexual deviant in it somewhere.
    And if that isn’t enough, all the Disney toys are made by slave labor in China.

  4. Now that the top brass of the Disney organization have publicly stated their perverted goals regarding juvenile “education,” can it be told how “Goofy” got that name, and why Donald Duck doesn’t wear pants?
    As Disney Cruise Lines serves alcohol on it’s ships, will it now adopt the “traditions” of Britain’s old-time Royal Navy, namely “Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash?”