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Thorner: Lake Co prolife group features former county clerk on 2022 election


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Willard Helander (l) Tony DeMonte (r)

By Nancy Thorner - 

Lake County Right To Life presented an event on Saturday, March 19, 2022, Elections Have Consequences, at Mickey Finn's in Libertyville, IL. 

Willard Helander, former Lake County Clerk, delivered the event's keynote, having held the position for 20 years prior to her retirement, from 1994 – 2014.  

Lake County Right to Life, headed by President Bonnie Quirke, is Lake County, Illinois's educational and advocacy organization for the protection of innocent human.  Its mission is to touch hearts and minds so that all will cherish and protect human life, while its vision is of a society in which all human life is respected, protected, and secured.
Willard's keynote remarks were entitled The 10 Commandments to Win Hearts and Minds: and far more votes in 2022.

She began her remarks with this often-quoted reference to John Adams: Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
But prior to listing what were for Willard The 10 Commandments to Win Hearts and Minds. . . she referenced these additional insights:
  • Why are the elections coming up in 2022 so important?  Our votes will determine whether an even more oppressive, centralized government will be put in place or one in which local citizens will be in charge of their everyday lives to enact a grassroots agenda.  
  • Grassroots movement do not start overnight.  They must begin at a local level and then move up the chain to the state level. 
  • There are a lot more of us than of them.  We really are the government. 
  • We must take on social media, as well as other outside forces, to take our government back. 
  • We can address what happens by speaking up.
  • We must stand up at the local level to effect change.
  • Fear is created, along with one crisis after another, to influence how we think and feel.
  • It takes much work to be an informed voter.
Mrs. Helander's The 10 Commandments to Win Hearts and Minds–and far more votes in 2022 include:
  1. Be positive.
  2. Be prepared with true information. Do your homework in backing candidates.
  3. Please be accurate.  Don't shoot from the hip.
  4. Be committed to listen to other voters.
  5. Be winsome. Never argue, but instead ask questions, such as,  Do you know about?  Have you read?
  6. Identify common ground.
  7. Focus on common issues.
  8. Follow up with voters, such as offering to send them facts.
  9. Be aware of the world of micro-targeting where the far left is determining what and how people think.
  10. Follow up and make sure people vote.  Since the far left tends to vote early, it's difficult for Republicans to overcome this tendency on election day.  Republicans must compress 45 days of their vote into one election day.
She also shared what Americans want candidates to address (some purple issues):
  • Inflation – cost of gas and food
  • Secure our southern border
  • Keep our Constitution vital and functioning as law of land — not as an old and dusty document
  • Law and order in our cities
  • Work toward a balanced budget
  • Restore election day
  • Strict enforcement of Civil rights Act of 198Anti-trust law enforcement against those who have a part in controlling election outcomes
  • No funding for federal lawbreakers
  • Outlaw sanctuary cities
Said Helender:  We must rebuild the power of the people.  We can affect what happens in Washington.  One person can make a difference. You can do it.  We must take back our country, because the whole world is asking us to do so.
Referenced was the late Barbara Richardson for her “can do” attitude, who died recently at age 93.   Barbara served five consecutive terms as Lake County coroner for a period of over 20 years.
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Nancy Thorner (l) with IL Supreme Ct candidate John Noverini (r)

Prior to Willard Helander's remarks, a prayer was offered by Celelia Rowan, a parishioner at Santa Maria de Popolo Catholic Church in Mundelein.  This was followed by a reading of names by Samantha Uhl, a member of the Lake County Right to Life board and Township Chair of Warren Township, of elected officials and candidates present at the event.  All held strong, pro-life positions. 

Some strong words of support for life were forthcoming from  Illinois National Committeewoman Demetra DeMonte.  Notable was this comment:  Abortion not only represents the loss of poor babies but also the loss of the future.   (1)  Demetra DeMonte and Bonnie  Quirke
DeMonte likewise informed attendees of bill HB424 that the IL House had passed just that morning, having been informed of its passage by event participant Rep. Tom Weber, IL District 64.  Photo 3:  Rep. Tom Weber, IL District 64
HB 4247 designates that contraception be made available in schools through vending machines. A big concern is that Plan B will also be made available.
Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 2.54.56 PM

Supreme Ct Candidate Daniel Shanes (l) w Bonnie Quirke (r)

President Bonnie Quirke shared closing thoughts:

About Illinois and abortion:  IL has abortion on demand with no parental involvement at all.  A minor can undergo abortion at any time.  All 5 states having a border with IL have a parental consent requirement.  Girls come to IL (Waukegan) for an abortion.  The unborn and parents have no protection in IL.
We can change.  Politics is never personal.  It is always issue orientated.  In the long run we are after people's souls.  We must flip from the culture of death to a culture of life.  The ultimate goal is to achieve a high level of human existence, that should be in defense of human life.
Please include get involved with Lake County Right to Life.  Contact the organization on their Facebook Page.


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