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Three-quarters of all U.S. counties had more deaths than births into 2021




A strong majority of counties throughout the United States saw more deaths than births from 2020 into 2021, a sign of the pandemic’s heavy grip on the country starting in the Trump administration and into the Biden administration.

A majority of states, and three-quarters of all counties, “experienced more deaths than births in their populations between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021,” the U.S. Census Bureau revealed this week.

The losses were concentrated more heavily in some regions than others, the Census Bureau noted: “Seven out of nine states (78%) in the Northeast had more deaths than births,” it noted, while “the West had the lowest share of states with natural decrease — three out of 13 (23%).” 

“[M]ore states in the South had natural decrease than increase (65%),” the Bureau noted, while “the reverse was true in the Midwest, where 33% of states had more deaths than births.”

The numbers are “likely an outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the bureau observed.



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  1. “The numbers are “likely an outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the bureau observed.”
    Likely is a not factual reference for cause, especially when the CDC has recently revised the death counts attributed to COVID. And let’s not forget deaths attributed to COVID only had to register a positive for COVID at the time of death and that most COVID attributed deaths had multiple co-morbidities. Dr Birx admitted on the world stage, they were using a liberal method to counting COVID deaths. Not to mention the PCR test that tallied COVID deaths was often times ran at a cycle rate that would even measure dead viral material as COVID.
    I’d like to know if statistically, the number of deaths in the period noted, was out of range of normal year to year changes in death counts. Plus why is a mid year to mid year range being used? COVID hit the world stage early January 2020. Did using a mid year to mid year give a scarier result?
    Also, what would be the normal amount of births in a year as comparison to the number that was used to create the belief this article is trying to push. I’ve read that the deaths for 2020 didn’t exceed the normal amount of year over year change for 2020, but for 2021, the year the COVID vaccines were rolled out, deaths are statistically higher and exceed the normal range of increase in year over year deaths. Especially in qtrs 3 and 4.
    Something a city auditor ( and former IRS deputized investigator) told me about 15 years ago was, statistics and charts can be compiled in such a way to provide whatever desired message is wanted.