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Rossi: The Dem’s Big Gasoline Price Lies




By Randy Rossi - 

You have to admit that Democrat President Joe Biden and his Democrat cohorts are not worried about getting hurt for telling outright lies about almost anything. Especially since the “Fake News” helps them get away with those lies. Their latest “Big Lie” is telling the American people that gas prices are through the roof because the big gasoline corporations are artificially raising prices at the pump to raise their profits during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Those same Dems say those price increases are also their fault because they won’t take advantage of the 9,000 leases they have to drill more oil here in America. The problem is that most Americans don’t know that those are big and dishonest “whoppers”.

Here are the facts that any American can check out. First, those big corporations only own roughly 5% of local gas stations that we use to get our gas. Small business owners own roughly 95% of local gas stations and they control local gas prices at the pump, not those big corporations. Second, the average net profit those small gas station owners make for a gallon of gas is roughly 3 cents. 3 cents!! Gas stations make more profit selling a cup of coffee than they do for a gallon of gas. Obviously local gas stations are not the bad guys and are not to blame for our skyrocketing gas prices!

Second, does anybody remember when Democrat President Joe Biden said in public his goal is to put gas and oil companies out of business? Knowing that, why would any corporation take big long term risks by investing to drill for more oil here in America? Biden’s and the Dem’s claim that there are 9,000 unused oil leases is not true and irrelevant. First, 2,000 plus of those leases have been terminated. Second, a lease doesn’t give companies the right to drill until a government permit to drill is granted. Many of those leases aren’t being used because the government won’t grant the permits to drill which makes those leases worthless. I know this for a fact because an oil company signed a lease to drill for oil on our family farm. They invested in expensive research and found a high probability that there was indeed significant oil on our farm which they could get by fracking. Both my family and the oil company would profit from this and were excited to get started. Then the state of Illinois would not allow fracking so that lease became worthless. That hurt the oil company, my family, and local jobs.

This tragedy is true all across America. Research says that America has enough oil and gas resources to be energy independent for 300 years! It could and should be a “gold mine” for America creating jobs, increasing national income, and providing energy freedom. We could not only meet our energy needs but provide the free world with oil from a friendly country instead of buying it from evil countries like Russia, Venezuela, and Iran. On top of that, American oil is 30% cleaner than anywhere else in the world because of our sophisticated drilling processes.

So here is the obvious bottom line: this oil and gas crisis was created by Democrat Joe Biden, Democrats in the U.S. House and Senate, and Democrats in state and local governments. Don’t let them avoid responsibility through their “Big Lie”! And make them pay for this pain at the pump by kicking them out of office in the November elections!


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