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Support Chris Dargis for 8th CD race


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  1. No, I don’t support him. I endorse Chad Koppie. He’s the president of the Kane County Regional Board of Schools, so he’s the only Republican, in his race, who has held an elected government office. Chad is an army veteran. His main goal is trying to ban abortion. He wants to abolish the Department of Education and the Federal Reserve. Since the federal government would less money, the same bill would cut tax rates. Chad is an NRA member. He said that ICE should deport all illegal aliens.

  2. Come on Phil Collins, Chad Koppie should choose an advisory position with a campaign, rather than run for office.
    How old is he now? And has there ever been a general election in the last 20 years that he hasn’t been on the ballot somewhere, and consistently lost?
    Please stop using people like Chad to get attention for yourself. It’s embarrassing for us all. Move on.

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