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Thorner: For Republicans to win the Midterms, Dems Must Simply “Tell Their Story”



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Former President Obama says Dems need to "tell their story"

By Nancy Thorner - 

Socialism and abortion may be the issues that determine a Democrat primary, but a far bigger issue with swing voters is the imploding public education system.   

“Do I resist refinancing my $160,000 federal student loan at a lower rate in the hope there will be loan forgiveness?  I smell a pampered princess who still believes what her professors told her in Women Studies.  The average parent, never mind the average voter, has no sympathy for these fools when the public schools are so obviously bad.
School choice is the reason DeSantis is governor and the collapse of the schools is the biggest reason why “The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is planning to roll out advertisements to gain Black Virginia voters this week, reported CNN. The initiative is making an effort toward building a stronger relationship with communities of color amidst the growing concern Black voters have about the Democratic Party.
The average parent, never mind the average voter, has no sympathy for these fools when the public schools are so obviously rotten.

There’s no hope to get out of the cycle of crime and poverty without a decent education.  Look for school choice to be as big an issue as inflation and crime in the 2022 elections and one reason why Democrat gerrymandering doesn’t work as the “people of color” don’t come out and even, in some cases, volunteer to help fight the fraud.  
May God help us if Brnovich becomes the new McCain by winning the Republican U.S. Senate primary and gets his reward with another tainted victory this fall.   
"Jill Biden's Secret Service detail is infiltrated by two FAKE Homeland Security agents who showered security personnel with gifts including $40,000-a-year penthouse and $2,000 assault rifle."
Arian Taherzadeh, 40, and Haider Ali, 36, were taken into custody on Wednesday for allegedly posing as fake Homeland Security officers.”    The Biden Crime family is also in the news.
But what is the issue among the Republican “leadership”?   Why amnesty, of course“America's labor shortage is actually an immigrant shortage.”    Got to get more slaves because Xinjiang must be our future: See here “Video of Chinese Kneeling in Street to Authorities While Their Vaccine Passports Are Scanned by Chinese Officials Goes Viral.”
What is going in CHINA in terms of a new Covid outbreak.  More lockdowns could be what we will face soon.  I am sure our ruling Democrats would love to have another excuse to turn the next election into vote by mail again.
'The Biden administration is so desperate for a quick positive PR boost that it invited former President Barack Obama to the White House this week.
The visit was a disaster for a number of reasons, but when asked by reporters his thoughts on the Democrats’ likely problematic midterms, Obama insisted that Dems should simply tell their “story” to win.  


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