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Thorner: FOX’s Steve Hilton on America Under Biden and Congressional Democrats



Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 2.15.14 PMBy Nancy Thorner –

Steve Hilton of FOX News is not a fan of Joe Biden, as anyone who has ever watched his Sunday night Fox show will quickly realize.

As the host of FOX News Channel’s The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton (Sundays at 9PM/ET), Hilton joined the network as a contributor in December 2016 and offers political and tech expertise across FNC and FOX Business Network's (FBN) programs.

"Hilton analyzes the impact of the populist movement, both in the United States and throughout the world.  Additionally, Hilton features a segment called “Swamp Watch”, which provides opinion and analysis about the agencies, industries, and political groups that are affecting President Trump’s pledge to 'drain the swamp.'”

Previously, Hilton served as a senior adviser to former United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron and, prior to the 2010 general election, was Prime Minister Cameron's head of strategy. 

Now a United States citizen, Hilton celebrated his first Fourth of July as an American citizen 2021.  

Hilton's Sunday, April 22, 2022 program

Hilton's Fox News program on Sunday, April 22, 2022 was outstanding.

Here’s a partial transcript via FOX News of his April 24, 2022 show:

STEVE HILTON: The idea that Biden would be the right choice for America in 2024 is not just absurd, it’s frankly offensive. Just look how bad it is when he is in public, when he knows he’s on display. Imagine how bad it is in private when he is supposed to be in charge of making decisions?

And then imagine how bad it would be six years from now. Two, everyone can see America desperately needs a positive vision to get behind to strengthen our economy… strong leadership, who seriously thinks Biden is capable of any of that? Three, he is a weak corrupt machine politician who stands for nothing and is pushed around on everything by whoever holds the power in his party.

Hilton give 24 reasons why a second term for Biden is both absurd and offensive.     

  1.   Biden decline will only get worse.
  2. Biden isn't capable of positive, smart and unifying policies.
  3. Biden is a weak, corrupt machine politician who stands for nothing.
  4. Biden's Bait and Switch:  Runs as a moderate, but rules as a radical.
  5. Biden cannot stand up to China.
  6. Biden will further empower Iran and destabilize the Middle East.
  7. Biden's policies are wreaking the economy.
  8. Biden is Anti-American energy.
     9.  Biden's open border agenda.
  9. Biden's Fascist assault on America's values.
  10. Biden's family sleaze and corruption.
  11. Biden's crime rate will surge.
  12. Biden wants to cut our defense spending.
  13. Biden plans huge tax rate.   His latest budget proposes the highest taxes of any developed nation.
    15.  Biden's America isn't working, with the lowest participation in this nation's labor market since  1977.
  14. Biden passing Congress to impose anti worker rules.
  15. Biden will let the teacher unions run amok, with indoctrination instead of education.
  16. Biden is a divider after promising to unite the country, demonizing Americans who disagree with him.
  17. Biden wants more government centralization, when this nation already has the most centralization in its history. 
  18. Biden is utterly incompetent.
  19. Biden's appointments are total disappointments.
  20. Biden's  virtue-signaling instead of problem-solving in his treatment  of almost everything.
  21. Biden only cares about pandering to his base.
  22. C'mon man, 4 more years of Biden.

Mayokas and Biden administration

In the meantime, both DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and the Biden Administration act like it has nothing much to do but to worry about Musk and Twitter and menthol cigarettes!

But what about the following?

  • Border Security.
  • Inflation.
  • Energy pricing and shortages, including Russia weaponizing gas and oil in Europe.
  • Domestic energy cost escalation.
  • Crime out of control.
  • Russia invasion of Ukraine.
  • China mischief.
  • Iran Mischief.
  • Losing India as an Ally.
  • Almost losing Israel as an Ally.
  • North Korea.
  • Can’t Shoot straight on Covid messaging.
  • Hunter Biden.

Jen Psaki challenged

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was challenged by a foreign journalist when she was asked to elaborate on the Biden administration's many failures.

As President Joe Biden continues to use the phrase, "America is back," people across the country (and the world) can see that is not the case.

The journalist said, "And one more, Jen. Besides the crisis in Ukraine, this week alone, ISIS launched the biggest attack in Syria in years; beheaded a police officer in Iraq — in a video again. The U.N. chief said that Afghanistan is “hanging by a thread.” People are starving and freezing after the United States left the country."

She asked, "So is this what American leadership or “America back” look like? Can you say this is a winning foreign policy?"

Psaki deflected, "There was a lot wrapped up in that question. What is your question exactly?"

Democrats and mid-terms

Can you name one thing going right for Democrats?   As the party of disinformation, how convenient and timely that a new DHS "Disinformation" unit has been set up to police and silent dissent in spreading government disinformation, while criminalizing truth, just in time for the mid-term elections

It is a given that Democrats are not going to relinquish their power and control without pulling out all the stops.  Will Republicans have the courage to rise to the occasion?

I hope so, for the mid-terms in 2022 might be our last chance to rescue this nation from the clutches of Socialism/Communism, desired by those within this nation who wish to remake our nation and its Constitution to exist under the jurisdiction of a New World Order.


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