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Democrats’ Selective Outrage Over ‘Insurrections’




To listen to House Democrats’ — and Liz Cheney’s and Adam Kinzinger’s, but I repeat myself — shrieks of hysteria from the opening nights of the Jan. 6 House Select Committee dais is to hearken back to the Soviet-era show trials of yesteryear. Vladimir Lenin, as the veteran conservative commentator Roger Kimball reminds us, referred to them as “model trials,” wherein the “aim isn’t to discover the truth — which was supposedly already known — but to stage a propagandist exhibition.”

For Democrats, the aim of the Jan. 6 Select Committee’s “propagandist exhibition” is twofold: First, to attempt (in vain) to distract a besieged citizenry from the myriad problems now tearing asunder the country, under their leadership, in this midterm election year; and second, to lay the foundation for a Justice Department indictment against the 45th president that could hamstring his efforts to seek a second term come 2024.



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  1. That’s all the Democrats have got.
    They can’t run campaigns on low taxes, or public security (look at their riots in Kenosha, Seattle and Portland).
    Theirs is the party of desperation, lies, and harassment (Supreme Court Justice intimidation).
    Theirs is the party of hysteria (returning the abortion issue to the individual states).
    As a political force, they are almost finished,
    and they KNOW IT!