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March for Life Chicago Condemns Illinois Governor’s Abortion Tourism Campaign



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IL Gov Pritzker recently held a press conference in Fairview Hts abortion clinic – AP photo

CHICAGO – As the nation awaits the United States Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson, the case that could overturn legalized abortion in America, March for Life Chicago is calling out Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker and condemning his support of the most extreme abortion laws in the Midwest.

Pritzker, who signed away the last of Illinois’ abortion restrictions in 2019, has taken to the national stage touting Illinois as a destination for those seeking abortions. The governor, flaunting Illinois’ unrestricted abortion laws, announced that abortion would continue to be readily available in the state, “no matter what atrocious opinion the Supreme Court rolls out this summer.”

“Governor Pritzker, do you really think out-of-state families want an Illinois tourism guide with a cover that reads: Welcome to the abortion capital of the Midwest?” responded March for Life Chicago Director Kevin Grillot. “Take a look at neighboring states and you will see that the Midwest is not a place for abortions, but a place for families.”

Grillot then applauded the Iowa Supreme Court’s June 17, 2022, ruling declaring that a fundamental right to abortion is not guaranteed under the state constitution, paving the way for Illinois’ neighbor to the west to legislate greater protection for women and children. He noted that two days earlier, on June 15, 2022, Wisconsin clinics stopped scheduling abortion appointments and that Missouri has only one remaining abortion clinic.

The pro-life movement is rapidly moving to protect preborn children at the state level, the group said in a press release. Illinois’ bordering states of Wisconsin, Missouri, and Kentucky, along with nearby Michigan, North Dakota, and South Dakota, bring a total of six Midwest states with such laws already on the books in the event that Roe v. Wade is overturned.

“As dedicated life advocates continue to win entire states, it will not be long before the Midwest pro-life movement is concentrated on Illinois. When that time comes, Governor Pritzker, what do you think the 78% of Illinois residents in favor of parental notification of abortion will do when they learn you repealed their parental rights?” Grillot asked, referencing the governor’s December 17, 2021, repeal of Illinois’ long-standing law that required parents to be notified if their minor daughter sought to obtain an abortion.

March for Life Chicago and Grillot welcome the national trend to protect preborn life. Between January and May 2021, 89 state bills restricting abortion were enacted into law in 26 states.

As the governor seeks to make Illinois a hub for abortion providers and a magnet for abortion tourism, March for Life Chicago calls upon the people of the Midwest to rise up and speak out for the protection of women and children.

“It’s about saving Midwestern lives, those of women and their children,” Grillot emphasized. “We invite all Midwesterners to stand for life, especially following the release of the United States Supreme Court Dobbs decision which could overturn Roe v. Wade.”

“One opportunity for the people of Illinois and around the Midwest to affirm life is our upcoming Dobbs Life Rally and March on Saturday, July 9, 2022,” shared Grillot. The event is at 2 p.m. (Central) on Chicago’s Federal Plaza (50 West Adams).

The March for Life Chicago will hold a press conference on the day the Dobbs decision is released.


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  1. I don’t understand people who are pro abortion. In this day and age, we know what causes pregnancy, right? So, why does any woman feel the need to kill the fetus? Why not take steps to prevent abortion?
    It is time for this country to turn to God–the God of our founders.

  2. The sad part is there are married couples that want children but are biologically incapable of having their own.
    The government makes it difficult for them to adopt a child, but makes it easy for a woman to abort (kill) hers.