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Hammer: The Difficult Search for Answers After Uvalde



UnnamedBy Josh Hammer - 

Innocent children are society’s most precious assets. That a parent can drop a child off at school and ever harbor any doubts about whether that child will return at the end of the school day is beyond inexcusable. If Democrats agree, then they will work with Republicans on some of these clear and obvious measures.



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  1. No we don’t have a gun problem! Why do Republicans always feel like they have to do something when this happens? You will just hurt turnout among your base in November. How about Police go in right away confront engage shooter immediately?

  2. The morons don’t identify the real problem, they want to blame guns when the real problem is the people screwed up by democrat policies. They need to stop going after the family unit, parental rights, traditional moral values, the Christian church, and fact-based education.