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Irvin’s home township GOP rejects him for governor



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AURORA – With a headline saying in large bold letters, "The Aurora Township Republican Central Committee will not support or recognize Richard C. Irvin as a Republican Primary Candidate for Governor." the Aurora mayor – which rumors abound are saying his campaign is struggling – is surely to suffer yet another embarrassment as the GOP primary faces its final stretch.

There's no question the Aurora Township Republicans are very unhappy with Irvin – who, they say, has never been active or engaged in the local GOP organization despite being elected as a city councilman and then mayor.

The press release says,

As documented by his official Kane County voter record (attached), Richard C. Irvin is not a Republican.  Additionally, he has and continues to financially support Democrat candidates.  Based on his voting record, Richard Irvin could not be seated as a member of the Illinois Republican State Central Committee.

We have not heard from Mr. Irvin.  He has not attended any of our meetings.  He has never served as a Republican precinct committeeperson in Aurora and has never been a member of our organization.

Mr. Irvin has demonstrated himself to be an Opportunist. He has often sought the support of people by pretense in order to further his political aspirations.

Our organization traditionally does not endorse candidates but we have a proud history of upholding the Illinois Republican Platform and therefore, we refuse to further sit quietly and watch Richard Irvin pretend to be a Republican Primary Candidate for Governor.

We sincerely hope that voters will listen to the voice of the people who know Mr. Irvin and have watched him operate for years.

Voted upon and passed June 16, 2022

Aurora Township Republican Central Committee


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  1. Clarification: Aurora City Council and Mayoral elections are non partisan. A candidate DOES NOT DECLARE A PARTY! Mr. Irvin has not had to openly declare his Party affiliation.
    After voting in every Democrat Primary except the Rauner primary, he says he s a Republican?
    He then has the audacity to attack Or suggest that other candidates are not Republican??? Makes a voter’s head spin.

  2. There is no such thing as a truly “non-partisan election.”
    Every such candidate has partisan reasons for running, and analysis of what he or she says opens that door to where they really stand on issues. If the candidate wasn’t “Partisan” on some issue, he wouldn’t run for office.
    Judges don’t declare a party affiliation but I see the candidate from Lake County is attempting to pin a party label on HIS opponent!

  3. In the news, it appears that Griffin is pulling the plug on Illinois in general, and moving his H.Q. out of here.
    Maybe the rotten tax structure here is now too much for him to bear? Did he view supporting Irvin his chance to get it rigged in his favor?
    (Just asking!)