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Thorner: Billionaire Ken Griffin funds Shanes in 2nd District IL Supreme Court Race


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By Nancy Thorner - 
With the Illinois Republican Primary less than two weeks away on Tuesday, June 28th, 2022, a new development in the Second District Illinois Supreme Court contest further makes the case the 2nd District is the most interesting and important Republican primary outside the Governor's race this year. 
I've written two other Illinois Review articles about the Second District Illinois Supreme Court contest between Judges Shanes, Mark Curran and John Noverini. Monday, June 12, 2022 Thorner: The 2nd Supreme Court District… the hottest Illinois Republican Primary around?  and Wednesday, May 11, 2022 Thorner: Illinois' chance for GOP majority on IL Supreme Court depends on District 2
New Development in Second District Illinois Supreme Court race
Despite repeated denials by Daniel Shanes that Chicago billionaire Ken Griffin was funding him, a PAC that Griffin gave over 6 million dollars to on April 1, "Citizens for Judicial Fairness", has given Shanes $171,280 for TV ads, according to the McHenry County Blog. 
This makes it apparent why so many prominent Republicans and "conservative" leaders have backed Shanes despite his thin record — appointed by fellow judges in Lake County and then the Democrat Supreme Court, with no business or political record, not even a judicial election and multiple retentions, as with Judges Noverini and Hutchinson.

They are hoping Griffin will fund Shanes in the fall with the same millions Griffin has poured into Richard Irvin, who has also attacked his primary opponents as "Democrats".  Link: Judge Shanes Stoops Lower, Wondering If He Has the Same Literature Designer as Lying Richard Irvin – McHenry County Blog
Note:  Shanes claims that Noverini "defunded the police". Judge Noverinn corrects the record.  “As a member of the Carpentersville City Council, Noverini voted to oppose a budget for all of Carpentersville that would have required a substantial tax increase." 
Closing thought
It won't be easy to put the Republican party together after this scorched earth campaign by the Shanes forces no matter who wins the primary. 


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  1. I might add that Noverini was elected twice as a Republican to the Kane County Board and twice as a Republican Chairman of Dundee Township after he was elected to Carpentersville City Council. How was the possible if he really “defunded the police”? Shanes is running the most sleazy campaign I’ve ever seen in a local Republican primary. I guess that it is the Griffin operation everywhere—smear your opponents as “Democrats” to hide your lousy record.

  2. True, Noverini was once a Republican, but…
    1.) He ran as a Democrat (and won) in 2008, while disparaging Republicans and conservatives.
    2.) Noverini remained a Democrat for 14 years, never feeling the need to switch back and supporting all of our Democratic Party leaders that have made Illinois such a wonderful place to live (snark intended).
    3.) He originally filed for Supreme Court THIS YEAR as a Democrat. He later changed his mind and switched back to being a Republican after apparently sticking his finger in the wind.
    Shanes is running whatever campaign he’s apparently going to run, good or bad. But Noverini is like a weather vane twisting in the wind when it comes to his own opportunism.

  3. Really? This year Noverini filed as a Democrat? You’ve got the wrong talking point, John S. Actually, that was a routine filing of his old PAC in March 2021 way before the district was created or he had decided to run. No, he didn’t disparage the pro-life conservatives that got him elected. You obviously didn’t read a bit of Nancy’s previous articles. Here’s more if you really want to know, John S:
    Noverini wouldn’t have gotten the endorsements of Cal Skinner, Chris Lauzen, Sheriff Prym, David Smith and Kane County pro-life leaders Vivian Maly and Sally Sullivan if he really was a liberal Democrat. But keep giving the Griffin talking points. The Griffin forces are like Rauner with his Madigan Republican lies about Jeanne Ives. Thank God conservatives aren’t falling it for this year with Richard Irvin or other Griffin financed candidates like Shanes.

  4. Grant, you can spin this any way you want, but if you go to the Illinois State Board of Elections website, you can see Judge Noverini’s D-1, which is a statement of organization.
    On May 7, 2021, Noverini filed for the 2nd District Supreme Court seat as a Democrat. It’s there, black and white. His wife signed the document as an officer of the campaign. If you want to ignore this, create some sort of alternate reality for yourself, that’s fine. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.
    Noverini has served as a Democratic Kane County Judge for the last 14 years. He has funded the Kane County Democrats.
    As for his endorsements, those people may not know or do not care. He’s not a conservative, let alone a Republican.

  5. And what do you think Shanes is?
    Coming from Lake County, who gave us such noted RINOS as John Porter and Mark Kirk, and with a campaign in which Ken Griffin has given Shanes $171,000 for TV ads to slander Noverini, I have difficulty believing Shanes to be a sterling example of what Illinois wants in it’s State Supreme Court!

  6. “3.) He originally filed for Supreme Court THIS YEAR as a Democrat.”
    Typical Shanes supporter. Can’t even keep the narrative straight as I pointed out. It was last year and it was a routine filing as I said before any district was officially made. If he wanted to run for Supreme Court, he needed to file something to keep his PAC money. His explanation of why he had to file as Democrat and why he won with conservative, pro-life support in 2008 is in Nancy’s first article. His retention elections in 2014 and 2020 were nonpartisan.
    Almost everyone who has met Noverini and Shanes knows who is sincere and who is just an Establishment candidate who was hoping for a Griffin pay day. Your man had smeared everyone in the race as Democrat except Susan Hutchinson, who he pretends doesn’t exist, a judge with five times more experience than Shanes and who Shanes tried to knock off the ballot along with Mark Curran, the “Democrat” who ran as the Republican U.S. Senate candidate as the Republican Establishment candidate. But Mark couldn’t be sold to Griffin, so now he’s anathema.
    You are talking about people who have known Noverini for decades and whose conservative credentials are impeccable. Smear and sneer and distort. Hopefully, Shanes will go into the dust bin of history like that other Griffin sleaze ball, Richard Irvin. Even he wins the primary, Shanes will have no funding now that Griffin is gone and no ability to win the grass roots to win a district the Democrats can easily win in the fall.

  7. So, much to unpack here Grant, but I commend you for your ignorance.
    Here’s the D-1 Statement of Organization that Noverini filed to run AS A DEMOCRAT, for the seat he is currently seeking, now as a Republican:
    While I’m not a Shanes supporter, as you allege, I do support living in reality. For you to say that the Noverini is conservative is laughable. He has been on the record since 2008 with a variety of quotes rejecting Republicans and conservatives. He has given money to support local and county Democratic organizations, while supporting the inept Democratic leadership that has run this state into the ground.
    You can try to spin it any way you want with conspiracy theories and baseless anecdotes, but he has had a D next to his name since 2008. He filed for this seat as a Democrat and later realized when the tide was turning against his party this cycle, he switches back and files as a Republican. A real profile in courage.
    This is why Republicans in Illinois lose – they’re easily fooled by used car salesman tactics, which you succumbed to in this case. This seat is too important to lose.
    Thanks for playing.