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Supreme Court Justice Murder Attempt Met with Media Silence



UnnamedIf someone attempts to murder a Supreme Court justice, but corporate media barely covers it, did it actually happen?

Sure, most outlets covered the news of the arrest of man who, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, arrived at Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home, armed with a “tactical knife, a pistol with two magazines and ammunition, pepper spray, zip ties, a hammer, screwdriver, nail punch, crowbar, pistol light, [and] duct tape,” per the Justice Department.

But after reporting the basic facts—that the suspect’s name was John Nicholas Roske, that he had been deterred by the sight of two deputy marshals outside Kavanaugh’s home—America’s journalists didn’t seem to rush into any analysis.

Because, of course, when it comes to political violence in the United States today, here’s a maxim you can always rely on: If the victim or likely victim is on the right, the perpetrator is simply a lone wolf. But if the victim or likely victim is on the left, the perpetrator was fueled by dangerous rhetoric.



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  1. More proof the journalist conspiracy is ongoing. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Journolist members secretly colluded to discredit and ignore stories that had the potential to harm Barack Obama’s bid for the White House. Journolist functioned essentially as a secret society of email communications, where members could compare sources, share information, discuss their thoughts on current events, and coordinate the way they reported on certain stories all off the record. Conservatives were barred from joining the group. Now the media is colluding to coverup this story, had the shooter been wearing a GOP hat and threatened one of the liberal justices with death, the story would have been covered by the left-wingers in an aggressive rabid fashion. Anyone who doesn’t believe the liberal media conspires in deciding how to report on stories is daft!

  2. No mystery here, Kavanaugh is despised by the Democrats and appropriately reviled by conservatives and common sense Republicans, leaving only the establishment Republicans and swamp to care. Thankfully they are an increasingly irrelevant group rapidly diminishing into irrelevance.