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Bidenvilles: America’s New Emblem of Decay




American cities are becoming disaster areas because of misguided policies. Simon Hankinson writes:

In French, a “bidonville” is a shantytown. A “bidon” is a large container, like the giant yellow vegetable oil bottles used to carry drinking water in developing countries.

I’ve seen plenty of shantytowns in cities from India to Togo; they are an unfortunate consequence of rapid urbanization.

What surprised me when I came home to Washington, D.C., a few months ago was seeing shantytowns both outside the State Department, where my old office was, and Union Station, near my new office.

In America under President Joe Biden, the word “Bidenville” is beginning to gain traction as a term for a waste-filled, insalubrious tent city inhabited by what the left calls “people experiencing homelessness,” who often suffer from an unfortunate combination of drug addiction and mental illness.

[Simon Hankinson, "Bidenvilles: America’s New Emblem of Decay,” The Daily Signal, July 22]


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  1. More of those will be inhabited by the illegal invaders being bused there from Texas and Arizona.
    Let’s see how much Mayor Bowser and the Democrats in Congress like it when THEY have to live with it!