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Rossi: The U.S. FBI and British MI5 Warn the Free World of the Massive Threat China Represents to Freedom



ChinaBy Randy Rossi - 

Christopher Wray, the head of the FBI; along with the head of the British MI5 which is the British version of our FBI, just made a major announcement that should stun the people of the free world regarding the massive risk China represents to our freedom. Christopher Wray summarized that massive risk to freedom best when he said, “We consistently see that it is the Chinese government that poses the biggest long term threat to the economic and national security of both Britain and the U.S. and our allies”. Both Wray and MI5 Director Ken McCallum said that China intentionally spies on us and steals billions of dollars of our intellectual property to essentially put us all out of business so that they can rule the global economy. Just as bad, China uses their slave labor to put us all out of business through lower prices.

There is only one course of action to take to protect our freedom and that is to stop doing business with the most immoral country in the world that has a goal of destroying our economy and freedom which is China. That message isn’t only for greedy corporations that are willing to give up their freedom for temporary higher profits, it should be a message to all Americans that warns them to stop buying Chinese made products to protect our country, the futures of their children, and their freedom. “We the people” can put China out of business if we simply stop buying Chinese made products. That will force these greedy corporations to move their production from China back to the USA and/or our allies.

China is the “Nazi Germany” of our time. Having just returned from Germany where I went to the Nazi concentration camp in Buchenwald where the Nazi’s used people for slave labor and murdered 50,000 innocent people, that reality about China makes me sick to my stomach. Just like Nazi Germany, China has millions of religious people in slave labor camps that they use to steal our jobs through low prices. On top of that, China steals hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars of our technology to put us out of business and make us dependent on them. Even worse, they steal our critical military technology that they will use against us in war. Anybody who knows history knows how that movie ends as it led to WWII and the death of 65  million people. The good news is that we can put China out of business without firing a shot if the American people have the courage, morality, and wisdom to stop buying products made in China.

Every time you see someone wearing Nike shoes or holding an Apple iPhone, remind them that Chinese slave labor probably made those products and ask them how they can morally and patriotically buy those products. And in the November elections, vote everybody out of office that wants to reduce the sanctions on China which would allow China to sell even more products to America made by their slave labor. Remember, America is reliant on China for a majority of its medicines, 70% of our solar panels, a majority of computer chips that run our economy, etc. That is the definition of insanity! We must stop China from attacking our freedom by their theft of our technology and their use of slave labor and bring those jobs back to America and/or our allies to protect our freedom and honor!


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