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Illinois voters will decide in November whether unions will trump state law




The National Review focused last week on the first thing Illinois voters will see when they go to the polls in November 2022: a proposed change to the Illinois State Constitution called Amendment 1. If passed, the state constitution would set union members and their demands above state law.

Here's a brief explanation of what the change will do, as the National Review explains…

An innocuous-sounding referendum on Illinois’s November ballot, Amendment 1, would place four labor provisions into the Illinois constitution: a “fundamental right” to organize and bargain; the right to bargain over wages, hours, working conditions, economic welfare, and safety at work; a prohibition against lawmakers ever interfering with, negating, or diminishing those rights; and a prohibition of right-to-work laws.

Under Amendment 1, lawmakers would not be able to restrict what unions can negotiate or limit when they can go on strike. They would be unable to repeal a little-known Illinois provision that allows many union contracts to override conflicting state and local laws and regulations. Unions would be able to rewrite law through their contracts, leaving residents with no recourse and no way to hold anyone accountable.

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