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Rossi: “Good Samaritan” Citizen With a Legal Gun Saved Multiple Lives in 15 Seconds In Indiana




By Randy Rossi - 

“Good Samaritan” Elisjsha Dicken just reminded us why our Founding Fathers gave us a 2nd Amendment. No they didn’t just give us the 2nd Amendment to hunt deer, they gave us the 2nd Amendment to defend ourselves and our freedom. Thankfully. Mr. Dicken was in the Indiana mall when a mass shooter started killing innocent people with his semi-automatic rifle. In just 15 seconds, 22 year old Mr. Dicken who was legally carrying a concealed semi-automatic pistol ran toward the mass murderer and shot at him 10 times to stop him from killing more innocent people while he told people to run behind him to get safe. Mr. Dicken hit the murderer 8 times and killed him in just 15 seconds according to the Chief of Police who called Mr. Dicken a “Good Samaritan” that saved the lives of many people. Sadly, in those 15 seconds, the mass murderer killed 3 people and wounded others. But the police chief said that had Mr. Dicken not been there with his legally concealed pistol, far more people would have died since the killer had over 100 unused rounds he could have fired.

Naturally, liberals don’t like calling Mr. Dicken a “Good Samaritan” because they think all guns are evil, even guns used to save lives. The fact is, guns actually save more lives than take lives every year. Americans own over 400 million guns. According to the FBI Homicide Report, roughly 10,500 Americans are murdered each year by guns. That means that 99.998% of legal guns are not used to kill people each year! Even more important, according to multiple studies, guns are used between 2 million and 2.5 million times a year to protect the lives of innocent people. Often, just showing the gun to a criminal gets them to back down and run away before they shoot someone. The surest way to get more gun violence is to publicly announce “gun free zones”  which armed criminals love because they know that nobody can stop them from committing gun crimes.

This is more proof of the wisdom of our Founding Fathers. As George Washington said, “A free people must be an armed people”. As I just said above, 99.998% of guns owned by Americans are not used to kill people, they are mostly used for hunting and defending people’s homes from criminals. Sadly, because of constant attacks on guns by the “Fake News” and liberal Dems that don’t understand our history, the Constitution, and our Bill of Rights; most Americans don’t understand what used to be common sense across America. Every farm had a loaded gun by the back door to shoot the fox in the hen house. Thankfully, Mr. Dicken was not only a “Good Samaritan” for saving those lives in Indiana with his pistol, he was a “Good Samaritan” for reminding us why our Founding Fathers gave us our 2nd Amendment!


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