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Thorner: Trump supporter Steve Bannon faces contempt charges. Why didn’t Obama’s Holder?


Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 2.11.41 PMBy Nancy Thorner - 
Although Steve Bannon's conviction happened several weeks ago it is still an important story, as it illustrates a justice system that grants favorable outcomes to Democrats, in contrast to how Republicans are judged for similar transgressions.
As reported on July 7, 2022:  "Steve Bannon Convicted of Contempt, Faces Up To 2 Years in Jail."
A Washington, D.C., jury – after about 3 hours of deliberation – convicted Steve Bannon, a Trump supporter, of two charges of contempt of Congress stemming from his ignoring of a subpoena from the Congressional [Democrat] Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. 
Fast and Furious
In an article dated 12/30/13 in The New American:  Obama's FBI may be responsible for the murder of Special Agent Brian Terry.  In the recent twist involving the Obama administration's deadly "Fast and Furious" gun-running scheme to Mexico … After learning that the murder weapons were from Fast and Furious — and that disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Dept was engaged in an attempted cover-up — brave federal agents blew the whistle.
Obama's AG Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress
As reported in The Guardian 6-28-13:  After historic vote, the first Attorney general to be held in contempt of Congress as 17 Democrats joined Republicans passing a resolution on Attorney Eric Holder … yet nothing came of it … although on 7/3/2012 Holder ignored Congressional subpoena.

Steve Bannon found guilty of contempt
Steve Bannon found “Guilty” of contempt of Congress, while murderers, rapists illegal immigrant criminals run wild In Democrat-run America.
“Republicans need to launch a congressional committee to investigate the Jan. 6, 2021, breach of the U.S. Capitol and how the events of that day were handled."
“The panel should also probe the House of Representatives special panel currently probing Jan. 6.”
"If Republicans flip the House in the midterm elections, then “we have to really govern, govern on offense.”
Bannon gave his first interview after the guilty verdict to Tucker Carlson, saying, “I will not back off one inch. I support Trump and the Constitution. If they want to put me in jail, so be it.”
Human beings are human beings, and when you get a jury that is 94% Democrat, a jury probably comprised of ‘97% Trump-haters’ as Alan Dershowitz puts it, of course, they’re going to convict Steve Bannon.
That is not a fair jury.  Dershowitz goes on to say that the judge essentially left Bannon defenseless by not affording him a jury trial.
According to Dershowitz, this is unconstitutional.  He believes that an overturn of Bannon’s conviction is very likely.
Date of Bannon’s sentencing
Bannon faces up to two years in prison. Sentencing will take place on Oct. 21, 2022.


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