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5G: Unfortunately, We Need Biden to Take the US-China Internet War Very Seriously



Us china smallChina is overtaking the United States – the traditional mastermind of international standards in information and communications technology – in setting the standards for 5G.

More and more of the Internet is becoming less and less wired.  Faster and faster wireless Internet obviously makes connectivity much easier, cheaper – and MUCH better.

As you undoubtedly know, we are currently mass-expanding the Fifth Generation (5G) wireless networks.  Which is much discussed – for some very good reasons:

“Fifth Generation (5G) cellular technology infrastructure is going to rocket wireless into the dominant best way to connect to the Web.

“The download and upload speeds on the new wireless network are going to approach 1 Gigabit per second.  This is approaching 20 times faster than today’s current speeds.”

Not having to dig quite so many trenches and lay quite so much cable – especially in a country as huge as the US – will definitely make things much easier, cheaper and better. 

The increasingly wireless Web is changing many important global dynamics.  Well, for people who actually pay attention to things like reality.  

Government, of course, loathes reality.



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