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Bailey Within Striking Distance of Pritzker: New Poll



Screen Shot 2022-09-30 at 12.02.30 PMFrom People Who Play By the Rules PAC September 28, 2022:

Fabrizio, Lee & Associates recently completed a survey of 800 likely voters in the 2022 Illinois gubernatorial general election, and it is clear that the Pritzker vs. Bailey race is tightening significantly.

Some key takeaways:

– Pritzker previously was leading Bailey by 10 points in August, but Bailey has chopped that lead in half to 5 in September.

– Among “definite” voters, Pritzker is only up by 3 points, which is within margin of error.

– If you have an option of both candidates, Pritzker’s lead is 3; if you’ve heard of both, Pritzker is up by only 1.

– Bailey is crushing it with independents, leading Pritzker by 12 points.

– Bailey is leading among all men by 2 points, while Pritzker leads with women by 12.

– Pritzker is underwater in both Total Approval (49% Approve vs. 50% Disapprove), and Strongly Disapprove (45%) vs. Strongly Approve (just 18%).

The poll’s margin of error is +/- 3.46%.

The entire survey with additional data is available on the Facebook Page of PBR PAC: https://bit.ly/3oQrYjt


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  1. The more voters learn about the SAFE-T act, the more concerned they are. And rightfully so. Pritzkers response to those voters, white and black etc, are that they’re racist???
    NOT a winning argument when voters can see with their own eyes that crime is on the rise and out of control. No wonder Bailey is gaining!

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