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Planned Parenthood receives record gov’t funding despite drop in health services



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California Governor Gavin Newsom is now promoting his state’s abortion policy among abortion-restricted states. The advertisements, which tout California’s recently-launched informational website, can be seen in Texas, Indiana, Mississippi, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Oklahoma. 
Planned Parenthood received more than $633 million in Government Health Services Reimbursements & Grats for the year ending June 30, 2021, a recent report shows. That is more than one-third of its total revenue. 
The abortion giant provided services to 2.16 million clients, down from the 2.4 million it served during the same period the year before. While the organization, which is the nation’s largest abortion provider, revealed an 8% increase in the total number of abortions performed, services and testing for sexually transmitted infections decreased by more than one million, while cancer screenings were down by nearly 200,000, and contraceptive services decreased from more than 2.5 million to less than 2.2 million during the same period.


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  1. Exactly! The Dred Scott decision by the U.S. Supreme Court decided that former slaves had no human rights which the southern democrats were bound by law to respect. Now democrats think the same about unborn and just born human babies. The democrats say unborn and just born babies are property Not people, so they have no right to life and can be killed. It’s the SAME old democrat lie