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The Tragic Betrayal of Afghan Women a Year After Biden’s Botched Troop Withdrawal



Afghan-girl-steve-mccurry-photography-artwork-wallpaper-previewSince President Joe Biden’s unconscionable, disastrous withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan a year ago, Afghan girls and women have suffered most from a dysfunctional economy undermined by the brutal and chaotic governing force of the Taliban.

As unambiguously pointed out by the agency known as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees:

Afghanistan’s women and girls have watched their rights disappear. Most secondary schools for girls remain closed and many women have lost their jobs, while others lack the required male guardian to accompany them when they venture out of their homes.

With many women no longer able to earn a living, families have become further impoverished and young girls are being forced into marriage.

Aug. 15 marked one year since the Biden administration’s shockingly abrupt exit from Afghanistan without adequate plans in place, effectively handing the country to a terrorist organization and washing away 20 years of advances.



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