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Wall Street Journal Calls Out The Whopping Lie Behind The Pending Constitutional Amendment Illinois Is Ignoring




By Mark Glennon, Wirepoints – 

Finally, a member of the regular media has called out the fraud being perpetrated over the pending Illinois constitutional amendment that will be on November’s ballot. That’s Amendment 1, the so-called Workers’ Rights Amendment.

Amendment supporters are routinely claiming huge benefits for all Illinois workers would be guaranteed by the new constitutional right the amendment would create to drastically expand collective bargaining rights.

But that’s simply not so, for the reason a new Wall Street Journal editorial states:

The National Labor Relations Act already governs private workers and limits who can bargain about what. Illinois can’t expand the collective-bargaining rights of private employees beyond what federal law allows.

In other words, 86% of Illinois workers – those who work in the private sector – will not be covered by the amendment, despite supporters claims to the contrary.



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