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Young American Adults Are Miserable




Your 18-25th years of life are supposed to be among your most hopeful and optimistic. This is the time when the majority of Americans start their journey into adulthood. Whether that looks like college, immediately entering the workplace, or even starting a family, these are the hopes and joys of early adulthood, and life should be full of potential.

Sadly, American men and women in this demographic today are miserable.

The director of the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University, Tyler VanderWeele, has been conducting a study and spoke about his findings in an interview with the Harvard Gazette. In the study, VanderWeele looked at the difference in the overall well-being and outlook of the 18-25 age demographic from 2000 and again over the past few years. In his own words: “We were beginning to see this in January 2020, right before the pandemic. But January 2022 was the first time it was just absolutely clear: across every dimension of well-being that we looked at — happiness, health, meaning, character, relationships, financial stability — each one was strictly increasing with age. Those who are 18 to 25 felt they were worse off across all these dimensions. It was pretty striking, pretty disturbing.”



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  1. I think they are “miserable” because they have never created anything REAL they could be proud of. Instead, they plaid video games and yakked with other losers on Facebook, Google and other such nonsense web sites.