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Pekau responds to Casten’s abortion attack ad



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One by one, Democrats are doing all they can to take the focus off the failed Biden presidency and turn attention towards abortion – the only issue where Democrats believe they can make headway in abortion-obsessive Illinois. 

Incumbent Democrat Congressman Sean Casten (IL-6) launched an ad last week attacking Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau on the issue of abortion. The ad featured an emergency room doctor that says “Keith Pekau is dangerous’ because he holds a pro-life view on abortion. 

The Pekau campaign responded:

“Sean Casten can’t run on his own record. He has used his seat in Congress to push for massive energy subsidies that benefit him and his family, and has done little to help the people of IL-06. In the past 3 years, Congressional Democrats and President Biden have walked the country into one unmitigated disaster after another – from Afghanistan to the Southern Border,  to our Supply Chain, to Energy. The economy is collapsing and crime is on the rise. He advocated and voted for the policies that have led us to this precarious point in our history. Moreover, Illinois Democrats – his own party – quietly put in place an anti-police, pro-criminal bill that is so dangerous it shocked the entire nation. 

“Sean Casten also doesn’t want to talk about my record. As Mayor of Orland Park, we took a different path than the rest of the state, and our economy has grown. Over 600 businesses have opened in Orland Park in the past 5 years. That means jobs for people in Orland Park. Crime has dropped to its lowest level in 27 years because I prioritized working with law enforcement and keeping our citizens safe.” 

Pekau said Casten has restored to lying about Pekau’s position, although he didn’t spell out his position on abortion in the statement issued Monday.  

“So Casten has resorted to lying about my position. It’s the Democrats’ playbook. They have governed so abysmally that their only hope is that they can scare enough people into believing their lies. It’s pathetic. 

“I don’t imagine Casten will quit this dishonest line of attack. He’s going to keep lying about me, and I am going to continue to tell the truth about him.” 

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