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Bailey and Pritzker meet face to face in Central Illinois debate



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The Chicago Sun-Times hosted a debate between Governor JB Pritzker and challenger state Senator Darren Bailey Thursday night at Illinois State University in Central Illinois’ Normal. 

Right out of the box, Pritzker defended the pro-criminal SAFE-T Act he signed into law, and refused to list specific changes he would make to the law. 

Bailey said he would work to repeal the SAFE-T Act – as 100 of 102 state attorneys statewide. 

Pritzker called Bailey “a hypocrite,” and Bailey said Pritzker was “a liar.” 

Crain’s Chicago appeared surprised at how “Bailey held his own” in the debate – and Pritzker also appeared back on his heels several times assuming Bailey would not have the arsenal of facts and stats he used time and time again. 

Crime, taxes, COVID policies all came up during the debate. Twists and turns in positions ruled the night.

One memorable line was when Bailey asked if Pritzker would house illegal immigrants in his family business’ Hyatt Hotels. 



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  1. Bailey did well simply by highlighting Illinois is not a good state. I recently watched the senate debate for AZ and WI candidates. Masters won in AZ by attaching the incumbent Kelly to Joe Biden, while Johnson in my opinion lost the WI debate by not aggressively enough making people associate Barnes with failed Democratic policies. Take note of who does good and bad in debates and what they are doing. Gryder vs Underwood debate was a slog and I didn’t even make it through it, but I got the impression Gryder didn’t do well enough to move the needle for him. Rice did good enough in his debate against Schakowsky. Deering won the debate against Budzinski by being confident and repeatedly calling Budzinski a carpetbagger (which she is).

  2. Stop talking about putting Union workers on 401scam plans they don’t work for lower income people. We have a big problem with all these poor seniors and disabled try living on $1500 a month or less? You are not going to win their votes by cutting these programs.

  3. Leslie Heffez $635,122.80 30 $763,359.84 2012-03-01 Retiree Look at that top pension holy cow! You thought Fauci’s pension was gross IL has the pension Kings!
    Here are the pensions that are bankrupting the pension funds Bailey. You should talk about cutting cap pension at $100K. Putting new people on 401scams is not the solution we need a forced retirement savings system like Australia’s Superannuation funds.