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Pelosi flies into IL 06 to boost incumbent Sean Casten’s re-election



DOWNERS GROVE – House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi flew into the Chicago area last Friday to boost incumbent Democrat Sean Casten’s re-election in Illinois’ 6th Congressional District – which includes the western suburbs of Downers Grove, where the Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital is located. There Pelosi and Casten met with medical staff to discuss the importance of maintaining abortion rights. 

“Make no mistake, the difference between Democrats and Republicans on this is they have said they will have a national law to ban abortion,” Pelosi said, the Chicago Tribune reported. “We support women having the freedom to make family — and young people, to make their own decisions. That is a very big difference in the election. … Your right to choose is on the ballot.”

At the same time, Democrats profusely demanded Illinoisans be vaccinated with the COVID shot or face the possibility of losing their jobs or educations – a direct contradiction to the “making their own decisions” plea concerning their health care and bodies.

Casten’s Republican opponent, Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau suggested Pelosi is “panicked” about losing Casten from her small Democrat majority.

“Now, after she pulled House Majority PAC money out of IL-06, Casten is clearly desperate and the Speaker appears to be panicked,” Pekaus said in a press statement. “On Friday, Pelosi flew in to join Casten at an event in Downers Grove, as it appears his bid for re-election is in serious jeopardy. The premise of the event was a discussion about how at-risk abortion rights are. Abortion is still taxpayer-funded and legal up to birth in Illinois.  

Pekau responded to the visit saying, “I welcome the Speaker to the new Sixth District. It was nice of her to kick off Sean Casten’s farewell tour. The Speaker’s attempt to distract people from what has happened on Sean Casten’s watch is not going to work. Casten has been in Congress for four years. He’s done nothing except push bills to line his own pockets, and vote for every piece of legislation that has made us less safe and more poor. 

“Voters in this district also know that, as mayor, I worked with local and federal law enforcement to reduce crime and keep them safe. They know I reduced debt, brought in businesses, lowered their taxes, and improved their bottom line. For the families and businesses in this district, the Casten-Pelosi -Far-Left agenda is over, and the voters are going to prove it on November 8.”


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