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Thorner: Yet more to worry about – food shortages?


By Nancy Thorner – 
Some of the reasons this might occur in the U.S. have to do with the high cost of fertilizer for farmers during their growing season, the high cost of diesel fuel to power their tractors, droughts in some areas of this nation, and the ongoing epidemic of food processing plants mysteriously burning to the ground.
According to Michael Snyder, author of The Economic Collapse blog, the world is facing an unprecedented worldwide food crisis.

Citing hard data points covering both the U.S. and other world nations, Snyder points out how it’s impossible to deny what is coming.
After reading Mr. Snyder’s article, his collection of data seemed important and credible enough to pass along to Illinois Review readers for their review and consideration.
Below is a list of the 33 things known about the coming food shortage as compiled by Michael Snyder via his The Economic Collapse blog:
#1 The hard red winter wheat crop in the United States this year “was the smallest since 1963”.  But in 1963, there were only 182 million people living in this nation.  Today, our population has grown to 329 million.
#2 It is being projected that the rice harvest in California will be “half what it would be in a normal year”.
#3 The U.S. tomato harvest will come in at just 10.5 million tons in 2022.  That is over a million tons lower than a normal year.
#4 This will be the worst U.S. corn harvest in at least a decade.
#5 Year-to-date shipments of carrots in the United States are down 45 percent.
#6 Year-to-date shipments of sweet corn in the United States are down 20 percent.
#7 Year-to-date shipments of sweet potatoes in the United States are down 13 percent.
#8 Year-to-date shipments of celery in the United States are down 11 percent.
#9 Total peach production in the U.S. is down 15 percent from last year.
#10 Almost three-fourths of all U.S. farmers say that this year’s drought is hurting their harvests.
Snyder lists more at his The Economic Collapse blog 


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  1. Fantastic article on an immensely important topic!
    Biden and the liberal media try to pretend all is OK. In fact, shortages and skyrocketing grocery prices are plaguing most of us.
    Thanks for telling the truth here.

  2. I was inclined to dismiss these warnings of droughts, famines, and food shortages as yet another round of Doomsday prophecies by people trying to sell books and supplies for “preppers.” And after looking at Michael Snyder’s bio, which refers to the “thousands” of articles he’s written warning of an impending disaster, i was still so inclined. But then I clicked through to some of his sources… they are real, current, and seemingly authoritative. You can cherry-pick data, like reports on a specific food product like cherries or peaches, but when you reach 30 different reports on a wide range of products from a variety of sources, it becomes compelling.
    I’ve never “prepped” before, but I am now.