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Di Leo: Who Are Today’s Political Parties? What Do They Want?



Independence day still spaceship

By John F. Di Leo – 

In the 1996 film, “Independence Day,” the President of the United States attempts to communicate with a representative of the alien horde attacking the Earth. Assuming that some compromise can be reached, he asserts that surely we have much to learn from each other, and he asks the question, “What do you want of us? What do you want us to do?”

The alien responds, matter-of-factly.

“Die. We want you to die.”

Only then does the audience fully appreciate that the enemy we face is pure evil; not merely people with a different culture, different looks, different technology. It is a thoroughly malevolent organization, one that values and desires only death.

It is a painful shock, but it is a lesson that must be learned, one that must be absorbed and accepted, before we can move on, before we can hope to save our country and our planet.

Independence Day, of course, was just a movie. Fiction. Almost 30 years ago now. But even in fiction, there can be grains of truth, and lessons worth learning.

Today, Americans face each other across the ballot box.  A consequential midterm election is upon us.

We find ourselves seeking common ground with politicians, politicians who seem to look more and more different, more and more alien, every year.

Republican candidates this year suffer many of the usual problems that Republican candidates so often suffer: they are too dull, too underfunded, too clumsy at the mic… lacking the charisma that it takes to excite an audience.

But Democrat candidates, on the other hand, are shocking, as their smiling visages and glitzy commercials broadcast messages that are simply unprecedented in their malice.

The Institutionalism of a Crime Wave

In blue states – Illinois, New York, California, Pennsylvania, where they have no fear of holding back – every Democratic candidate – every single one, from state rep to governor – now calls for an end to normal police procedures, an end to normal prosecutions and sentences for even the most violent of crimes. Today’s Democrats not only oppose capital punishment for mass murderers, they even oppose life sentences for first degree murder. Today’s Democrats insist on throwing open the prison gates; they insist on allowing known violent criminals to go free, and accuse us of being cruel for disagreeing. What is their message, to you and me?   That we are to be the victims. To today’s Democrat politician, that is our place.

An Uncontrolled Border, the Free Flow of Crime and Drugs

The nation has long struggled with the challenge of controlling immigration. Republicans try to balance rewards for those who have followed the rules, with compassion for those already brought here by parents or for those who have fled horrific conditions, seeking asylum. Republicans are conflicted, and try to find a fair way to protect our borders while understanding that some of the arrivals are deserving.

Democrat candidates see no such conflict. They insist on leaving the border undefended, as literally millions cross in – illegally – each and every year. They insist on overwhelming the border counties and border states with massive costs and levels of crime that such small towns cannot possibly ever afford. Democrats proudly declare their blue jurisdictions “sanctuary cities,” “sanctuary counties,” “sanctuary states.” They welcome the diseases of the Third World, from polio to tuberculosis.  They invite the dangers of these cultures of violence, the drug gangs that infest our nation with cocaine and fentanyl. Democrats know that closing our border would end the fentanyl crisis – 300 die daily from that one drug alone – but they don’t care. The immigration lobby funds the Democratic party; they dream that these criminals will someday be Democrat voters. So they accept the fentanyl; they accept the crime, they accept the gangland violence that it all brings.

What does this say to you and me? What do they want of us?  We are to be the customers, the victims, the statistics.

Covid-19 and the Shocking Reveal

The Covid 19 “pandemic” awakened America to several shocking processes; we suddenly discovered much that has long been going on under our very noses. We learned that the NIH was funding illegal gain of function research, developing bio weapons, in labs in foreign countries such as China, not only in violation of US law, but even in violation of the United Nations protocols.  We learned that our CDC employees are walking conflicts of interest, as they advocate for vaccines and other medicines on which they personally earn huge royalties.

And to our absolute amazement, President Trump‘s impressive Project Warp Speed, designed to rush the availability of optional treatments and vaccines in 2020, was illegally warped by the Biden-Harris regime in 2021 to remove the voluntary aspect and instead to mandate the use of unproven, untested treatments and vaccines, in direct contradiction to international law.

Democrats who spent fifty years shouting, “my body, my choice” have suddenly lost all respect for individual rights, and now hold every individual’s rights – to travel, to work, to be educated, to serve – hostage to experimental vaccines that nation after nation finally admits are riddled with side effects infinitely worse than the disease itself.

But for the Democrats, it remains Full Speed Ahead. They just bury the reports of young people being rendered sterile, young people suffering heart attacks, young athletes dropping dead mid-game.  We may eventually be the last country still mandating these vaccines, but today’s Democrat candidates cannot find the curiosity inside themselves to even reconsider it. It has become an article of faith for them. If some die, even if many die, that’s the way it goes.

Transgenderism and the Mutilation of Children

Perhaps the most shocking of recent political issues is the growing popularity of transgenderism among our children. There has always been some tiny percentage of people uncomfortable in their own skin. Most outgrow it with age; some tiny few, as adults, might travel overseas to seek the knife. But in just the past five years, the Democratic Party has become the strongest advocate for coercing small children Into the path of puberty blockers and irreversible surgery, grasping at the slightest issue as justification for physically and mentally ruining children’s lives forever, in the service of this new, utterly malevolent “trans” movement.

The statistics are not hidden; it is well known that people – of either sex – who take these paths have an incredibly high suicide rate. This knowledge doesn’t hold back today’s Democrat politicians and bureaucrats; perhaps it even spurs them forward. The message for children, age 15, 10, even 5, is to be cut, to be drugged, to be ruined, to be warped, to be intentionally set on a path toward suicidal depression.  It has become official policy at Democrat run hospitals like Vanderbilt, at Democrat-run agencies like the Department of Education, at Democrat-run organizations like unions and professional associations.

The Switch from Abortion Openness to Abortion Advocacy

The Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling this summer turned the issue of abortion back to the states. Each state now has the opportunity to attempt to find the common ground, so long sought by caring Americans. Republicans struggle to determine where their constituents stand: restrictions, perhaps, only beyond the point of viability? Restrictions, perhaps, only beyond the first trimester? Restrictions, perhaps, only once there’s a heartbeat?

But the Democratic party today has no such moral struggles. Owned and controlled by the abortion lobby for decades now, today’s Democratic candidates oppose all restrictions, and have long since abandoned their old pretense that they ever wanted abortion to be “safe, legal and rare.”

Every Democrat candidate of 2022, from state rep to governor, from Congress to Senate, insists upon taxpayer-funded abortion for all, citizen and non-citizen alike, adult and child alike, without even so much as parental notification to slow it down a day, insisting on the availability of abortion all the way from conception to the moment of natural birth.

No more does the modern Democrat claim to care about the mother, about her family, about her career, about her health. They care only for the abortion itself.… Let it be as frequent, as convenient, as instant, as remunerative, as possible.  On this issue too, as on so many others, the modern Democrat candidate’s position is to facilitate a culture of death.

On issue after issue, from Pennsylvania to Illinois, from Michigan to California, the Democratic Party of today shows a shocking uniformity. We hear them speak, and we can’t believe our ears.

We tell ourselves they can’t be saying these things… because no one would.  No politician could possibly advocate such a platform of death and destruction.

And yet they do.

For 250 years, American voters have told ourselves that both parties wanted the same result, but just had different approaches to get there. One party stood for higher taxes and bigger government; the other party stood for lower tax rates and more limited bureaucracy. But both wanted a good, happy, safe country for everyone, right?

No more.

The Democratic Party is unanimous today – having driven out all its moderate candidates long ago –  and as much as we may resist confronting this truth, we must accept reality.

On issue after issue, the Democratic party of today has become the party of death.

It’s not just about legalizing euthanasia, or about allowing abortion in terribly difficult circumstances anymore. Today, it is about outright advocacy for taxpayer funded results that kill innocent Americans… from flooding our cities with drugs and known murderers, to mutilating our children with life-ending crackpot psychiatry, to parking mobile abortion vans on the borders of red states to ensure that no child is born if Planned Parenthood could have been terminated him first.


What is it about the Democratic Party that has caused it to veer down this path?

Decades of control by foreign influences like the Chinese or Soviets, perhaps? The abandonment of our Judeo-Christian moorings? The adoption of a crazy, nihilistic climate cult that calls for “saving the planet by eliminating people?”

There will be time for such postmortems in the future. Such analysis can wait. The important thing is what we do now.

The time has come to recognize that the Democratic Party, hard to believe though it is, has simply become the party of death.  On issue after issue, their platform is to destroy innocent human life.

They must be ejected from public office, so that a new second party can rise up in our system, a new second party that does not raise nihilism as its banner or spread death as its calling card.

We find ourselves in the middle of a movie. Against all odds, we find that one of the political parties of our parents and grandparents has been transformed, thoroughly morphed into an alien enemy. Today’s Democrats, despite their sweet smiles and thrilling speeches, are united in their desire to wipe out our cities, to wipe out our youth, to wipe out our culture.

Today’s Democratic Party wants us to die.

It is time – long past time, in fact – to purge that political party from our society.

Copyright 2022 John F Di Leo

John F. Di Leo is a Chicagoland-based trade compliance trainer and transportation manager, writer, and actor. A one-time county chairman of the Milwaukee County Republican Party, and former president of the Ethnic American Council, he has been writing regularly for Illinois Review since 2009.  

 A collection of John’s Illinois Review articles about vote fraud, The Tales of Little Pavel, and his 2021 political satires about current events, Evening Soup with Basement Joe, Volumes One and Two, are available, in either paperback or eBook, only on Amazon.

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  1. That’s a great list of differences between Democrats and Republicans. I agree with all of John’s above opinions, including that Democrats should be purged.
    I can’t find what the differences were between 1950 & ’70. During that period, the majority of Americans were pro-life, pro-gun rights, and anti-gay marriage. After that period, the Democrats changed.

  2. “Democrats” were over-run and out-voted by the hippies and socialists who high-jacked their party.
    The go-along, uninformed, oblivious people who’s habit is to vote “Democrat” without paying attention ekected them into power.
    That’s what happened.

  3. “The only thing I would add is that some/many Republicans are more like Democrats than we’d like”
    And many Democrats are becoming more like Republicans!!!!
    I’m a center-lefter, first-gen Mexican-American. Voted for Tulsi in the 2020 Dem primary. DJT in the 2016 and 2020 GEs.
    And I plan to vote for either DJT or Desantis in 2024.
    Wny? Because I’m culturally traditional and fiscally liberal. And so DJT’s GOP

  4. To purge Dems would require nothing short of civil war. Not happening. The communist states on either coast are lost; as are some fly-over states like Minnesota and Colorado. As long as congressmen are elected on population size (in the constitution) cities will control congress. Which cities? LA, NYC, Chicago, Dallas, all large cities.