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Opinion: It is Time for Republicans to Move On From President Trump



By Randy Rossi

I have no doubt that I will be attacked from some of my conservative Republican friends for saying this — I already have, but the facts overwhelmingly tell us it is time for President Trump to retire with dignity and let the next generation of conservative Republican leaders take over and help us protect this great republic.

There’s no doubt that President Trump deserves our respect and gratitude for the incredible great job he did as president. He may have saved our great republic.

Most importantly, he exposed the incredible corruption of the Democratic Party, our federal government — especially the leadership at the FBI, and the “Fake News.” He reduced our taxes and gave us a great economy; he pressured our NATO allies to keep their 2 percent GDP defense promise; he kept America’s decades long promise to move our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem; he successfully brokered a critical peace deal with Israel and Sunni Muslim nations; and he stood strong to our enemies like China, Russia, and Iran.

As I always say, President Trump is the General Patton of our time. General Patton was an outstanding and successful general who was largely responsible for defeating Hitler and Nazi Germany. But he had a huge ego and he had a habit of irritating many people with his careless remarks.

President Trump has the same profile.

He delivered and accomplished great things but he created a lot of discord and anger. Sadly, in the 2022 midterm elections, President Trump put his ego ahead of what was good for America and the Republican Party and as a result, what should have been a huge “Red Wave” for Republicans ended up as a tiny Republican victory.

Republicans did take back the House — retiring Speaker Nancy Pelosi from leadership, but Democrats still maintain control of the Senate. And many, if not most of the Republican candidates Trump chose and recommended lost to Democrats.

The two real “Red Waves” however, were accomplished by Gov. Ron DeSantis, R, and Sen. Marco Rubio, R, who won because of their great track record of achievement and not because of their blind support for President Trump. The same could be said about Gov. Kemp, R, of Georgia as well.

To make things worse, now President Trump is childishly attacking Gov. DeSantis because he views him as a threat and potential opponent in the 2024 presidential election.

In addition to turning off most, if not all Democrats, Trump’s behavior in the 2022 midterm elections and his attacks on the most successful Republican — Gov. Ron DeSantis, is turning off a huge percentage of Republicans. On top of that, President Trump will be 80 years old in 2024 and as we watch President Biden’s senile behavior, this is not a strong endorsement to be the leader of the “Free World!”

President Biden and his fellow Democrats have proven that they will ruthlessly attack any Republican that stands for our great republic. After all, they did successfully “buy” the votes of a largee percentage of young people by illegally promising to forgive their college debt with your tax dollars. Thankfully the court ruled this illegal, but that ruling was after the election so Biden’s mission was accomplished.

Then President Biden and the Democrat Party used abortion as a way to get the highest number of votes of young, unmarried women, ever recorded to vote Democrat so they can ensure unlimited access to abortion.

It is time for President Trump to retire with grace and hand the torch of Republican leadership to the best Republican candidate possible with a great track record of accomplishment and voter enthusiasm who can cross party lines. And Gov. DeSantis is a perfect example of the next generation of Republicans that can reunite America like Republican Ronald Reagan did.


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  1. At this time, there is no way for President Trump to retire with dignity. No former president as endured the hate, disrespect, and shame imposed by partisan Democrats, and establishment Republicans. What ever course he chooses, I believe it will be America First; not Donald Trump first. If anything, he is the king of deal makers, and when it comes time, not right now, he will have done what is best to save America. I am not ready to consider throwing him under the bus. America is set on an unstoppable course of egregious pain now until America changes course with a courageous president leading the way. I ask you to witness the coming events to unfold in Europe this new year; especially Germany. And; remember the offer extended to Germany from America when America was energy independent and capable of helping our allies. Behold what will take place and remember.