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Monday, October 2, 2023

Randy Rossi

Opinion: Why Most Americans Don’t Trust Our Federal Government Anymore

By Randy Rossi, Opinion Contributor Sadly, multiple polls have shown that American’s trust in our federal government is at an all-time low. But when you...

Opinion: CDC Releases Tragic Facts On How Much Damage We Are Doing to Our Kids

By Randy Rossi, Opinion Contributor According to a new CDC report released on Monday, 57 percent of high school girls reported experiencing persistent feelings...

Opinion: Why the Chinese Spy Balloon Is a Really Big Deal

By Randy Rossi, Opinion ContributorThere are many reasons why the Chinese spy balloon, which was finally shot down by the US Air Force on...

Rossi: Democrat President Joe Biden Now Named a “Serial Classified Document Hoarder”

By Randy Rossi, Opinion ContributorJust when you think Democrat President Joe Biden can’t possibly get any worse and more destructive to our great republic,...

Rossi: San Francisco’s Insulting and Insane Reparations Proposal

By Randy Rossi, Opinion Contributor Just when you think San Francisco couldn’t get any crazier, it does. Incredibly, the San Francisco Reparations Committee has just...

Rossi: The Insanity of the New Illinois Gun Law and It’s Attack On Our 2nd Amendment

By Randy Rossi, Opinion Contributor Tragically, the new Illinois gun law just signed by Democrat Gov. JB Pritzker is a perfect example of...

Rossi: The Massive Cost of Illegal Immigration Under Democrat President Joe Biden

By Randy Rossi, Opinion Contributor The Democrats and the “Fake News” have done all they can to hide the massive cost of President Joe Biden’s...


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