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Opinion: CDC Releases Tragic Facts On How Much Damage We Are Doing to Our Kids



By Randy Rossi, Opinion Contributor

According to a new CDC report released on Monday, 57 percent of high school girls reported experiencing persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness in 2021, a 58 percent increase from 2011.

Even worse, 30 percent of high school girls considered attempting suicide which is a 19 percent increase from 2011.

29 percent of high school boys also showed increases in sadness and hopelessness (up 28 percent) and 14 percent considered attempting suicide (up 8 percent).

As the report mentions, this increase in depression; especially for girls, is due to additional increases in stress and isolation because of the Covid school shutdowns and added to the stress they were already suffering before the pandemic.

Added to this tragedy is the fact that 18 percent of high school girls experienced sexual violence (a 20 percent increase since 2017) and 14 percent were forced to have sex compared to 12 percent in 2011 – a 16.6 percent increase.

These numbers should horrify every parent.

Why is this tragedy happening?

First as the report says, the Covid school shutdowns isolated these kids and destroyed their healthy social interaction. We now know those school shutdowns were not only worthless and unnecessary, we know they caused massive damage to our kids.

According to the CDC, only 1,654 American students out of 76 million died with (not from) Covid which is 0.002 percent. Yet all of our students suffered massive damage to their education (worst in 30 years) and to their mental health.

Not one healthy child in Sweden died from Covid and Sweden did not shut down their schools and inflict massive damage to their kids. “We the people” allowed this damage to be imposed on our kids by local governments and the teachers unions.

On top of this tragedy, we are allowing social media to cause massive damage to our kids as well. Our kids spend hours every day on unregulated social media which bombards them with violence, inappropriate sexual material, and LGBTQ and CRT material which completely confuses them and causes this depression.

Even worse, the most popular social media outlet for teenagers is TikTok which is owned by China.

In addition to bombarding them with material designed by China to hurt our next generation to weaken America, China captures everything our kids do on their phones including all of their personal information.

As you think about that, keep in mind China’s rules for TikTok for Chinese children are very strict and controlled. Chinese children can only use it for 40 minutes a day. They can not use it from 10 pm to 6 am. Chinese kids can’t play video games during school days and only for 1 hour on weekends.

TikTok (named Douyin in China) is very different from what our kids see because in China, TikTok focuses on exposing Chinese kids to educational content including science experiments, Chinese history, and geography. It does not bombard them with trash like it does to our kids in America.

Tragically, the facts show we are causing massive damage to our kids which is literally killing them. It is time to get back to surrounding our kids with those great traditional American values that made this great country and shield them from the trash they are getting today.

As Plato said, “In order to have a good society children must be exposed to good material and shielded from bad material.”


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