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Rossi: China’s Control Over Our Green Energy Disaster



By Randy Rossi, Opinion Contributor

Informed people have to ask themselves how America could cause so much damage to itself and its safety, prosperity and quality of life by attacking the very fossil fuels that helped create that safety, prosperity, and quality of life.

After all, America has the greatest treasure of fossil fuels on Earth (roughly 400 years’ worth) and we are totally self-dependent on our fossil fuels if we simply drill for them. Why are so many Americans trying to convert America to highly unreliable and incredibly expensive “Green Energy” like wind and solar power?

Well here is a critical fact which sheds some light on this destructive direction that liberals are pushing us toward.

China controls the wind and solar power industry and will make billions of dollars off America should we convert to wind and solar power. We will become dependent on China for our safety, prosperity, and quality of life. That doesn’t seem like a good idea since China has a publicly announced goal of displacing America as the most powerful nation on Earth and the leader in the global economy.

You know, China a dictatorial communist country that uses over a million slaves to put other countries out of business!

Here are some facts about China’s control over wind and solar power which should stun you:

-China is the world’s largest producer of wind and solar power
-China is the largest investor in renewable energy
-8 out of 10 solar power companies are Chinese
-Chinese companies control half of the global lithium needed for green energy
-Over 70% of lithium-ion batteries used for wind and solar power are controlled by Chinese companies (who are controlled by the communist Chinese government!)
-China makes one new coal fired electric plant every week on average for its own electric power generation!
-Much of Chinese green energy products are made by Chinese slave labor

So after you review these facts, why would America give up its cheap and reliable fossil fuel energy independence to make itself dependent on its greatest strategic enemy?

America has reduced its CO2 output more than any nation on Earth. American-made fossil fuel is 30 percent cleaner than the fossil fuel made by any other country.

In addition to that, America already uses clean and safe nuclear power which we could easily increase if we wanted to. And here is another hard fact you should be aware of, “Sometimes the wind don’t blow and the sun don’t shine”.

To make that even worse, the world cannot make enough batteries to store the power we would need when the wind is not blowing or the sun is not shining if we become dependent on wind and solar power.

So why are so many liberals pushing this “Green Energy” disaster on America? Here is a thought, China has bought and paid for the liberal democrats that are pushing this “Green Energy” disaster on us that will put our nation and quality of life in great danger.

Why not, they will get rich on it and they can completely control our country and put us out of business!

Here is a logical and proven alternative: America should continue to rely on our own fossil fuels and especially focus on extraordinarily clean natural gas and increase the use of our 100 percent clean nuclear energy which we can control.

The benefits are we control our own destiny, control our freedom, control our safety, create millions of American jobs, and create low cost energy instead of relying on incredibly expensive and unreliable Chinese wind and solar power made by Chinese slave labor.

How does any rational and informed patriot argue with the logic of that?


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