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Economos: Louisiana Elects a Republican Mayor for First Time in 30-Years, Will Restore Law and Order



By James P. Economos, DDS, Opinion Contributor

Big news!

The residents of Shreveport, Louisiana just elected Tom Arceneaux, its first Republican mayor in thirty years, it was just announced.

Many might remember back in May, a group of Shreveport dads known as, “Dads on Duty,” went into the local high school to patrol the facility and to keep kids safe from violence.

Their slogan was, “not on our watch,” and it gained them national attention.

In 2021, 23 students were arrested for fighting at the Southwood High School, prompting a group of 40 dads who formed “Dad’s on Duty” to go in to assist with patrolling and put a stop to the violence.

And there’s no doubt that local unrest and the violence in the schools and community led to the election of the new mayor, a Republican who pledged to address violent crime and restore law and order during his campaign.

We need that same kind of leadership here in Illinois.

We need to elect conservatives to local offices, especially school boards – so there can be a better outcome for students and the taxpayers. And we need to restore law and order make our streets and communities safer.

And until we elect new leadership in Illinois, nothing will change. But if we follow Louisiana’s model – it can change in a second. And we’ll all be safer for it.


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