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Rossi: The Insane “Climate Reparations” That President Biden Just Agreed To



By Randy Rossi, Opinion Contributor

Just when you think President Joe Biden, Democrats, and the UN can’t get any crazier, they do!

Thanks to John Kerry and the UN, America and Europe have agreed to pay “Climate Reparations” to poor countries that supposedly are being hurt by natural disasters that they say are caused by climate change we created because of our prosperity and advanced use of fossil fuels.

While the details aren’t finalized, this could cost American taxpayers hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars a year.

But it is even worse than that.

The world’s worst polluter — China won’t have to pay a penny because it is supposedly still a “Developing Country” even though it has the second largest economy in the world. China emits two-thirds more CO2 than America and Europe combined and they build a new coal-fired electric plant a week. But they don’t have to pay a penny under this new deal.

Sound fair to you?

But this insanity is even worse than that.

Thanks to America and Europe’s advanced fossil fuel development and prosperity which has been shared around the globe, much of the world has been lifted out of horrible poverty. And America is the only country in the world which has reduced its CO2 emissions while donating billions of dollars to help poor nations catch up to modern technologies.

The Wall Street Journal called this a “Shakedown” by the UN and that is being kind.

You knew bad things were going to happen in that UN meeting in Egypt when wacko John Kerry was representing America. And instead of saying “Thank You America” for helping to lift much of the world out of poverty by making modern fossil fuel technology widely available and for the assistance we have provided them, the UN is demanding reparations.

Fossil fuel technology is what lifted the entire world out of “The Dark Ages” and gave us modern civilization. Tragically, the wacko left has declared war on the very fossil fuels and technology that have given us that modern civilization, prosperity, and longer healthier lives.

The world simply doesn’t have a realistic option to fossil fuel today. After all, “sometimes the wind don’t blow and the sun don’t shine” so making ourselves dependent on solar and wind power simply won’t work. To make that even worse, that wind and solar power and the batteries that they run on are mostly made by slave labor in China.

How can any moral human be OK with that? On top of that, wind and solar power and the batteries they run on actually create more damage to our environment than modern and cleaner fossil fuel technology does.

Punishing the successful and prosperous nations that gave the world modern, efficient, and clean fossil fuel technology that lifted humanity out of poverty and brought us modern civilization and longer lives is the definition of insanity.

Hopefully, now that the GOP runs the House, they can put an end to this insanity since they have the “Power of the Purse!”


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