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Opinion: The Democrats Obsession with Controlling the Climate Change Narrative is to Ban Everything in Sight

By John F. Di Leo, Opinion Contributor New York City, to the extent it can, is not only banning normal, efficient, affordable natural gas-powered...

Facts Are Facts, No Matter What the Dictators of Davos Say

By John F. Di Leo, Opinion Contributor The world’s central planners meet, speak, plan and party together. Whether they do so in Davos...

Thorner: Perennially Wrong Scientist Once Again Predicting An Apocalypse

By Nancy Thorner, Opinion ContributorCBS kicked off 2023 with a bang with its 60 Minutes program in early January featuring Paul Ehrlich, who alongside...

Thorner: Climate Alarmisim, a False Flag for Control

By Nancy Thorner, Opinion Contributor For 40 years climate alarmists have been warning of a climate catastrophe, yet none of their dire predictions have...

Rossi: The Insane “Climate Reparations” That President Biden Just Agreed To

By Randy Rossi, Opinion ContributorJust when you think President Joe Biden, Democrats, and the UN can’t get any crazier, they do! Thanks to John...

Di Leo: Ten Indisputable Facts for March, 2021

  By John F Di Leo -  The following are facts.  There are innumerable issues in the world of public policy which are opinions, but there...

Di Leo: The Little Scold and the Magazine

By John F. Di Leo - Having printed its first Man of the Year cover way back in 1927, TIME Magazine has been running...


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