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Rossi: The Massive Cost of Illegal Immigration Under Democrat President Joe Biden



By Randy Rossi, Opinion Contributor

The Democrats and the “Fake News” have done all they can to hide the massive cost of President Joe Biden’s anarchy at our southern border. Sadly, many Americans consider illegal immigration “not my problem” and they don’t pay attention to it which encourages President Biden and his administration to allow this destructive chaos to get worse every day.

Well folks, my goal here is to help everyone understand that illegal immigration causes massive pain and costs to all of us, not just the Americans that live in the southern border states.

According to our own government, 2,760,000 illegal immigrants crossed our border in fiscal 2022 and that does not count “got aways”!

That’s a 59% increase from Biden’s first year in office when 1,734,686 illegal immigrants crossed our border. But the real disaster is to compare Biden’s track record on illegal immigration to President Trump’s.

In President Trump’s last year in office in 2020, only 458,088 illegal immigrants crossed our borders. How did President Trump accomplish that? He built a wall and worked with Mexico to control the number of immigrants entering America.

President Biden stopped building the wall and ended Trump’s “Stay in Mexico” program which created this chaos. That means that under Democrat Joe Biden’s gross mismanagement of our border, illegal immigration has increased 5 times over Trump’s which is a disaster.

Why should you care?

First, FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) estimates that illegal immigrants cost American tax payers well over $100 billion a year. We pay for much of their health care, schools for their children, and other welfare costs. Not only does it costs us those billions of dollars, they also overwhelm our hospitals, schools, and other resources which takes those resources away from the American citizens that pay for them!

But that’s not all the pain Biden’s negligence at our southern border has brought us.

Thanks to our uncontrolled southern borders, the same drug cartels that are paid roughly $250 million a week to bring those illegal aliens across our border, also got caught delivering 379 million lethal doses of opioids (including fentanyl) made in China across our southern border in fiscal year 2022 which could kill every single American.

So those illegal immigrants are financing the drug cartels that are killing Americans.

How bad is this?

Our own government just reported that over 100,000 Americans died from the opioids (including fentanyl) in 2022 made in China and shipped across our southern borders by those drug cartels. Those opioids are the number one cause of deaths for Americans aged 18-45! Those opioids from China shipped across our southern border killed over eight times the number of Americans killed by guns of all kinds (11,628) in 2021.

Now compare the “Fake News” coverage of those 11,628 deaths by guns to the coverage of the 100,000 deaths by opioids made in China and illegally shipped across our southern border by those same people that illegally brought those 2,760,000 illegal immigrants across our southern border in 2022 — which cost us tax payers over $100 billion a year!

And if all that doesn’t infuriate you, between 60-80% of women and girls that are brought across the border by those drug cartels are raped by them on the way across the border.

How can any moral person find that acceptable?

I welcome all legal immigrants that follow the law.

After all I am the son of a legal immigrant from Italy that waited five years to legally enter America and fought for his new country in WWII to earn his citizenship.

But America will cease to exist if we do not protect our border and enforce the rule of law and instead open our borders to total chaos and anarchy.


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