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Rossi: San Francisco’s Insulting and Insane Reparations Proposal



By Randy Rossi, Opinion Contributor

Just when you think San Francisco couldn’t get any crazier, it does.

Incredibly, the San Francisco Reparations Committee has just proposed a new reparations program for Black residents of San Francisco over 18-years of age that would pay them $5 million each for the historical abuse of Blacks including slavery and past prosecutions for breaking the law.

The bottom line according to this Commission is that Blacks have been illegally abused in California by White people for centuries. Not only is this insane, it is an insult to any informed resident in San Francisco that would have to pay for these reparations and the total forgiveness of debt for all qualified Blacks in San Francisco with their taxes. This bill would also supplement the incomes of all Blacks in San Francisco that don’t make $92,000 a year for 250 years!

First and foremost, California was never a legal U.S. slave state.

California did not become a US state until 1850 and slavery was made illegal in the California state constitution when it became a US state. Of course all slavery across the US became illegal when the Republican Union Army defeated the Democrat Confederate Army in the Civil War in 1865 just 15 years after California became a US state.

Historically, Native Americans practiced slavery across the US including California for thousands of years and at least five Native American tribes fought with the Confederate Army to keep their slaves.

But enslaving Black people in the state of California was never legal.

Yet the crazy loons in San Francisco want tax payers in San Francisco to pay over $250 billion to Black voters (roughly 50,000 Blacks in San Francisco today times $5 million each) for something that never happened.

That is the definition of insanity!

Why are these liberals proposing this crazy reparations program in San Francisco? To permanently buy the votes of all Blacks in San Francisco!

Every rational citizen in San Francisco should be outraged by this insane insult to all informed citizens.


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