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Rossi: The Incredibly High Cost of Government Attacks On Free Speech



By Randy Rossi, Opinion Contributor

Elon Musk has done a great service for America and our freedom by exposing the federal government’s attacks on our free speech using “Big Tech” as their filter that hides the truth from Americans.

Democracy cannot exist without free speech and the ability of the “people” to see all sides of every issue so that they can debate those issues and make informed choices when they vote which is what makes democracies work.

Thanks to Elon Musk who has shared the facts with all Americans, we now know that the FBI worked with Twitter and no doubt the other liberal “Big Tech” companies to hide critical facts that would shed light on the damage that liberals are doing to our country.

Rather than going through the long list of those attacks on free speech, let me focus on just two that Elon Musk has helped to expose.

First, we now have massive proof that the FBI worked with Twitter to hide the truth about the “Hunter Biden Laptop from hell.”

Democrats, the FBI, and many high level Dems in the Biden administration called the Hunter Biden laptop “Russian Disinformation” even though the FBI actually physically had that laptop in their hands one year before the 2020 elections.

That laptop and sworn testimony from a business partner of Hunter Biden proved beyond a shadow of doubt that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden the “Big Guy” illegally made over $30 million from our enemies Russia and China by selling access to Joe Biden who was America’s vice president.

That is illegal and in the opinion of many Americans, treason.

How much damage was done by hiding that information from Americans?

Multiple polls have shown that Americans that voted for Democrat Joe Biden for President would not have done so if they knew the truth about the laptop.

Joe Biden is the worst president in American history that has betrayed our allies in the Afghanistan war, destroyed our border security and allowed in the largest number of illegal aliens in US history, and caused massive damage to our economy.

None of that would have happened if Joe Biden lost that election which is what would have happened if Americans knew the truth.

We also now know that the federal government put massive pressure on “Big Tech” to hide the truth about Covid and Covid vaccines. Even the CDC now says that it totally botched the Covid pandemic and has to reorganize itself.

Tragically we now know that the Covid economic shutdowns were unnecessary and caused massive damage to our entire country. Even worse, we now know that shutting down our schools was a horrific mistake which caused massive and unneeded damage to tens of millions of our kids.

Not one healthy kid 18 and under died from Covid in America. Yet they all suffered massive damage to their educations and mental health because of those school shutdowns which will hurt them forever.

The tragedy is, experts from all over the world warned us of this but their opinions and facts were hidden from the American people by the “Fake News,” “Big Tech,” and the Biden administration.

Over 2 years ago, The Great Barrington Declaration which was signed by over 14,000 medical scientists and over 40,000 practicing doctors scientifically advised America to focus on isolating older adults (over 65) while letting young healthy people live their lives because they had virtually a zero probability of dying from Covid.

Tragically, this science was hidden from Americans who used the “Fake News” and “Big Tech” as their news source. As a result, the vast majority of American children experienced massive pain and suffering that will hurt them for the rest of their lives.

Sweden on the other hand paid attention to the real science regarding Covid and did not shut down their economy nor did they shut down their schools. Sweden’s Covid death rate was dramatically lower than America’s and not one Swedish child died from Covid while their educations blossomed.

Folks, these are just two examples of the cost of Democrats and their allies in “Big Tech” and the “Fake News” hiding the truth from you so you can’t make informed choices at the polls.

We can never let this happen again for the sake of our freedom, our great republic, and the futures of our children.


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