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Opinion: Love Your Neighbor for Life, Not Just for Votes



By Daniel Ehrman

Since the mid-terms there have been murmurs among political strategists that conservatives are holding on to losing, antiquated views on abortion. The desire to win the next election tempts many to turn a blind eye to the sanctity of life. Life is a value that invites the most people to the table, a winsome beckoning full of hope in the promise of the changing face of America.

It is troubling to observe our culture celebrate abortion, the eugenics being worked out through policies of Illinois politicians, the demeaning of women, and the theft of the inheritance of the poor. Rather than concede to the ever-decaying middle ground, we must champion love for our neighbors and advocate for their flourishing, not just their votes.

Because we love the black and brown families of Illinois, we fight for their right to live and flourish. Illinois abortion clinics disproportionately target minority women. The eugenics schemes of Margaret Sanger are effectively celebrated by Illinois politicians as they proclaim Illinois as a safe haven for the dismemberment of black and brown babies at Planned Parenthood clinics targeting their communities. It is a foul, blood-curdling cry abandoning the lives they claim matter while painting those who work to protect these lives as racists.

Dr. Shando Valdez, pastor and political consultant, often points out the values of family and life are pervasive in minority communities. Recent US Congressional candidate (D – IL-1st) Pastor Chris Butler has said of abortion, “This isn’t a right and left issue, it’s about right and wrong.”

As the Land of Lincoln stood up against the abominations of slavery, so we must fight the decay sanitizing violence.

Because we love women, we fight for their right to live and flourish.

Illinois establishment political pundits glibly tout “a woman’s right to choose,” and “abortion is healthcare,” but the impact on mental health, suicides, and anguish women experience post-abortion points to the severity of the choice.

If we truly love women, we must meet them in the challenges of an unexpected pregnancy. We must reach out to help women in their time of child bearing with understanding and real support, to protect the family, woman, and child.

The deception that a job is more important than raising a family is pressuring generations of women to “have it all.” Similarly, cultural Marxists purport sexual fulfillment as the ultimate identity. We must not condemn women to the fate of personal sexual fulfillment as their identity anymore than a career.

Because we love the poor, we fight for their right to live and flourish. Their offspring are an inheritance, a blessing, and a proclamation of faith, hope, and love in a broken world; while Planned Parenthood profits off poor and vulnerable communities.

The Illinois political establishment trumpets this as care and access for women, while passing laws allowing middle school girls to receive abortions without parental consent or notification, policy that potentially empowers sex traffickers while tearing at a girl’s family relationships and emotional health.

Affirming abortion is lamentable.

We have concocted a false god in our own image, appointing ourselves as judge, jury, and executioner, proclaiming self-realization through our careers and sexual self-gratification, stealing the inheritance of the poor, and find in the dregs, only death.

No expedient political victory in the next “most important election of our lives” justifies losing love for our neighbors and those who may join us with their votes: black and brown families, women, and the poor, whose children are emblematic of blessing and hope for renewed flourishing in generations yet unborn.

Dan Ehrman hosts “Leading the Church” on AM 1160 Hope for Your Life, and “Part of the Answer” on AM 560 The Answer. He is an alumnus of Emmaus Bible College and Wheaton College Graduate School. The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent Salem Media Group positions, strategies, or opinions.

Follow Daniel on Twitter: @DanielEhrman and on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ehrman

Daniel Ehrman
Daniel Ehrmanhttps://560theanswer.com/content/all/partoftheanswer
Dan Ehrman has served Chicago ministry organizations in marketing, media, real estate, facilities programming, and construction management. As Director of Strategic Partnerships with Salem Media Group he hosts “Leading the Church” radio show profiling Chicago pastors on AM 1160 Hope for your life, and “Part of the Answer” radio show with civic and business leaders on AM 560 The Answer. Dan co-founded Church Building Consultants Realty and grew up working as a design-builder with his father’s companies, Church Building Consultants & Church Building Architects. Having studied at Emmaus Bible College and Wheaton College Graduate School’s Evangelism & Leadership program, Dan has written articles for Christianity Today publications and contributed as a content expert on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight. He has served on multiple boards, was an English teacher in Hohhot, China for two years at Inner Mongolia University of Technology, led mission trips in Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, interned at two churches, served with Youth For Christ, International Students Inc., Bible Study Fellowship, and in local churches as a greeter, small group leader, church facility adviser and guest preacher. The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent Salem Media Group positions, strategies, or opinions.


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