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Thorner/O’Neil: Illegal Immigration Looms Large in Mid-terms



By Nancy Thorner and Bonnie O’Neil – 

Our officials and media sources are minimizing, even ignoring, some of the problems erupting within our nation today.  Many of our recent problems were preventable and could/should have been corrected before they escalated.  

One obvious example is our continuing problem of securing our southern border and thus keeping all illegal, and those not vetted, foreigners from entering the USA.   It was a shock when President Biden and V.P. Harris invited and welcomed undocumented immigrants into the USA.  Massive numbers came, crashed our borders and entered the USA without any background checks.  How many were criminals escaping crimes in other countries? How many have committed crimes since being allowed here?

The current mainstream media seems to ignore those questions, so perhaps we should ask our elected officials their plan to correct this dangerous problem.  

Consider this:  Border officers discovered and apprehended over 200 migrants who were smuggling narcotics into our cities.  Some had arrest warrants for crimes (rape and burglaries) committed in other countries.

Why have most media sources largely ignored facts about these border problems?  Why have a border if it is weak and known to allow criminals to enter?  How many have committed crimes since being in the USA?  Have you seen a single report on that subject?

President Biden and Vice President Harris have largely ignored the troubling subject of our border today.  Consider that our southern border was more secure and entries handled far better when Donald Trump was President.

Shame on media source that have failed to report facts proving the southern border is far more open & dangerous today than when Donald Trump was President.  The Biden/Harris administration was caught sending masses of illegal immigrants into our cities, without first having been given background checks to determine if they were criminals wanted by authorities in other countries or if they had infectious diseases they could spread to our citizens.  

Let that sink in … Biden/Harris seemed more concerned about foreigners than our citizens.   Few media sources even reported the shocking information to citizens?  The Trump Administration had been highly successful in securing our southern border, although few media sources reported his many accomplishments.  

The border had never been more secure then when Trump was President. Immigrants waiting to be processed were treated with respect. Their children were supplied with toys and playground equipment, and the immigrants were vetted to confirm none were carrying diseases or “wanted for a crime” committed elsewhere.   The above facts beg this question:

Why have most media sources largely ignored the serious problems at our southern border since Biden/Harris were elected?” When V.P. Harris irresponsibly invited tons of foreigners into the USA, without explaining the procedures required to do so, it resulted in chaos which was largely ignored by our media sources.  

Our citizens deserved and needed to know those facts.   The message Vice President Harris sent caused an enormous problem, as immigrants flooded our border, expecting to be allowed entry, only to learn they were not allowed in after their long trek to our border. However, there is reason to believe many of them were eventually given entry into the USA, but few media sources reported that or who was responsible for the order. 

Upon entering the Oval Office, President Biden was gifted with an excellent economy, and few problems.   This allowed him time to adjust to his position and potential new problems as they occurred, whether in the USA or abroad.  Instead, Biden only made things worse.

Our citizens are realizing the above facts and that is why polling indicates Republicans have the momentum heading intoTuesday’s mid-term election.   We knew Democrats were worried about the election when they asked former President Obama to help their Party regain recent losses.   

Our economy is headed into a decline that will prove to be a problem for the Democrat Party, even though many Democrats make ludicrous statements that have little or no resemblance to truth or facts.  Unfortunately, ill-informed voters too often buy their baloney. 

Patriots can hope that the ill-informed among us not feel it their duty to VOTE.  Instead, may informed CITIZENS study their ballot and vote wisely, so Republicans will experience a red wave on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, winning back both the U.S. House and Senate to save our nation from the insane policies and programs of the Democrats and the Biden/Harris administration.


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