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Tillman: Four things “the right” should focus on leading up to 2024



John Tillman

John Tillman, Chairman and CEO of American Culture Project, wrote an op-ed for Fox News that lists four things he believes “the right” should do in the next two years before the presidential election in 2024… 

The first step they must take is to develop a concrete economic agenda that promotes growth and overall prosperity. Reining in out-of-control spending that has driven inflation to a 40-year high and the national debt to over 133 percent of the economy is a start. Self-imposed spending caps will immediately reduce deficits. Explaining the consequences of astronomical debt to younger Americans and their children, who now have an interest burden approaching $1 billion a year, is essential.

Second, also tied to the economy, is to adopt a sustainable energy policy that lowers gas prices. Tapping into domestic energy sources creates good paying jobs, lowers energy costs, and reduces U.S. reliance on bad actors. Republicans must unleash every energy source available at home while also encouraging research and development to make energy cleaner. It does not have to be one or the other.

third area of opportunity is to stop the administrative state’s overreach. This will return more power to the people, by freeing them from unnecessary, often politically motivated rules and regulations that make it harder to start a small business, run a school or save and invest hard-earned money. Further, it encourages problem-solving at the local level, which is where issues like education and crime should be addressed.

Finally, Republicans must lead on immigration. Securing the border, while providing an orderly, controlled process for entry into the country can be done simultaneously. Further, a Latino comes of voting age every 30 seconds. The right must remind these young voters that their values – faith, family, and hard work – are reflected in the party that offers the best pathway to achieving the American dream.

Read the rest HERE.

What do you think about Tillman’s suggestions? 


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